Now that the garden is waning, although the roses are still blooming, my focus tends to shift indoors. Over the summer months, my house is wholly neglected… dust bunnies collecting in corners and the chandeliers laden with dust (I don’t want to look too close, is that a spider’s web???)…not to mention the basket of ironing that conveniently has been put out of sight.  I usually (always!) drag my feet getting back to these domestic duties.  But, like everything, thinking about it takes as much time as digging in and getting it done!




Once the indoor spaces are clean and shiny again (which will take some time!),  I get restless and start thinking about refreshing the interiors.  I’m stuck, though.  Our home is ideally suited to our lifestyle, so any significant changes are not warranted...but my desire to change things up is gnawing away.  Rarely am I at a loss for a new project, so this is new territory for me!  What would I get rid of to make room for something new? This is my dilemma…hardly a problem to fret about!

We’ve lived in this house for 24 years…where on earth does the time go?  Before we moved in, we did a major renovation, and I can honestly say it has held the test of time.  I can’t imagine redoing the kitchen, as it works perfectly…it does need a thorough cleaning of every cupboard and surface and probably (for sure) some decluttering.  I’m more than happy with the tiled floors on the main levels as they have easily handled the wear and tear of 4 dogs (and us) tracking in and out multiple times a day, and I am still happy with the wall colours as is.  Hmm, what shall I do?

Magazines, YouTube and Pinterest are my first resource for inspiration.  Like the current fashion trends, “quiet luxury” seems to be the look to strive for.

The “Manor Style” aesthetic (a grand home on a large estate) some designers are discussing is a pipe dream for most of us; however, I don’t believe they suggest that only mansions can acquire this elevated look.

Creating that sumptuous and timeless look can be achieved with a neutral colour palette (soft greys, beiges and whites), furnishings and accessories in natural fibres (wool, cashmere, cotton/linen and silk), and elements of marble and brass, adding both texture and depth.

From stately homes to humble dwellings, this style is not to be mistaken as a “glam” look; instead, it’s simple, warm, calm but elegant.

Some things I would add to the ideas from the above would be fresh flowers, plants and the soft glow of beeswax candles.  I will buy and force more bulbs as the holiday season is not far off.

Watching the unimaginable pain and suffering that we hear about or see on TV...daily, so many people in this world who have no home… makes me so thankful for my home, my sanctuary.  I’ll admit that I’ve taken my home for granted…I’ve never felt it was replaceable, but I didn’t value it like now.  Our homes provide safety and comfort from uncertainty.

Yes, I would love a Paris apartment or a London townhouse, but at the end of the day, I love nothing more than coming home where family, friends, and my sweet (naughty) little dog are nearby.

Are you considering a renovation or decorating project over the winter?

xox Judy❤️


4 thoughts on “Home…”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Judy. Hearing and seeing what atrocities are going on in our world always reminds me how fortunate I am to have the home and security that I have. Part of my summer plan was to paint a couple of rooms so that we could at least have the windows open… but it looks like that will wait until next summer😂. For now, it will be a bit of changing out some throws and cushions that are getting a little (a lot!) bit past their best and, like you, bringing out the beeswax candles for that cozy feeling…and, of course, the mulling spices are now back as my pantry staple😂. Your garden must look beautiful with today’s fresh snow…and Charlie’s paw prints🐾🐶! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

  2. Hi Karen, At times it seems the world is spinning right off its axis and you wonder if it’s possible that things could possibly get worse…and then it does. The security of home becomes so much more relevant. It sounds like you are well on the way to welcoming a new season. xox Judy❤️

  3. The world “spinning right off it’s axis,” is a much nicer way of putting it than I had in mind Judy – LOL. I am taking our home less for granted than I used to.
    Although I don’t have any big plans for re-decorating over the winter, I do need to get my Sid Dickens plaques back up on a wall after re-painting. But that is a chore I have been putting off. I do Iike to change up my cushions, throws and area rugs to new colours. I have gone from grays and beige, to aubergine and chartreuse, and now a deep shade of peach and green. I really need to stay out of the soft furnishings departments. And yes, candles are a nightly ritual for relaxing on the couch with the puppies.
    Christmas decorating is a favorite time for me, and was quite exciting to wake up to the beautiful blanket of snow this morning. It was fun to watch the puppies having fun chasing each other in the snow.

    1. Hi Karen, It sounds like you are showing your home a lot of love…from the soft furnishings department. I’m sure it looks beautiful as you have a brilliant eye for detail! The snow will be a novelty for your darling puppies and a great way to tire them out! Snow really does spark the decorating gene and so we’ll be all a glow. xox Judy❤️

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