Winter Wonderland!

        As I peer out my windows I believe my garden is more beautiful in the winter than in the summer.  There's something about the way snow sits atop of the hedges and on the statuary.  It accentuates details that I have missed during the other seasons.  Mother Nature has dropped a… Continue reading Winter Wonderland!

Forcing Bulbs

The Christmas spirit has arrived early at my house.  This will be the third Christmas since my store has closed.  The first year after we were away over the holidays so I didn't even set up the tree.   Even last year I was still missing all the hustle (stress??) of being an independent retailer… Continue reading Forcing Bulbs


Mankind has been 'painting’ for years.  Walls have been uncovered from ancient times still bearing brilliant paintings despite centuries of exposure to the elements.  Artists have been using oil paints for hundreds of years and women have been painting their faces for thousands more...notably, Nefertiti and Cleopatra both well known for their heavily kohl-rimmed eyes.… Continue reading Paint

La Jolla

I'm in La Jolla this week.  What perfect timing considering we were hit with freezing temperatures and snow just before I left.  I do, however,  have to say that my garden did look spectacular after that first snowfall! La Jolla, California We have been coming to La Jolla since 1977.  I don't remember why we… Continue reading La Jolla

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Decorating 101…Part 3 “Making a House a Home”

      Now that you have found your decorating style and have decided on your basics,  you can make your house a home by adding your own flair.  This is where your personality shines through.  You may be an artist, a collector, a traveller, a writer (or avid reader), a crafter, a photographer, a gardener, a sports enthusiast… Continue reading Decorating 101…Part 3 “Making a House a Home”