Maison des Fleurs

. I don't remember when I first became consumed with gardening,  but it's been for some time now.  Another thing I don't recall is why I'm so obsessed with the formal garden style. One of the considerations about moving into my older neighbourhood was all the mature trees on the property.  It was in the… Continue reading Maison des Fleurs

Orangeries, Conservatories, and Glasshouses

    During the summer of 2016,  I was able to realize one of my have my own greenhouse.  There was a perfect spot at the back of my garden and with the efforts of many,  "Maison des Fleurs",  became a reality. There were many "dreamers" long before me who wanted to extend the… Continue reading Orangeries, Conservatories, and Glasshouses


    The calendar may say that Spring is days away but looking out my back window I'm not so sure.  The squirrels are busy though, scampering up and down the trees chattering away and driving Chloe, my dog, crazy.   Sparrows are darting about in and out of the hedges.  Do they have more faith… Continue reading Spring…almost?

What’s on your playlist?

  I didn't have a playlist until a few years ago.  I know...I'm "old school" (CD's were piled up in a corner with an outdated CD player)... but I have always loved to listen to music. My first memories of music were when I was a young girl.  My mom loved country (cowboy) music...Johnny Cash being… Continue reading What’s on your playlist?

Books, Books, and more…

  If you were to see the piles of books in most rooms of my house (and my car!),  you might assume that I suffer from "abibliophobia"!  Over the past couple of years,  I've gotten better at finding storage for my books, organizing them by fiction, non-fiction, theme etc., but the "unread" books still remain… Continue reading Books, Books, and more…