French Lessons…Part 2

If you have been following this blog, you will know that I have travelled to France numerous times.  Like many of you, I love all things French!   In Tish Jett's second book, "Living Forever Chic", she opens the doors into the French home showing us "l'art de vivre", a well-lived life. Frenchwomen love their… Continue reading French Lessons…Part 2

French Lessons…Part 1

A walk down any street in Paris reveals it's beauty and pride of place. The boulevards and gardens are perfectly manicured, apartment balconies overflow with flowers and small trees,  bright and cheerful storefronts and apartment doors are painted in high gloss paint, the patisserie and chocolatier displays are enticing... and who knew that the Boucherie could make… Continue reading French Lessons…Part 1

New York, Part 2…

  The last couple of days in New York were busy.  We began Sunday morning with a walk through Central Park.  Over 800 acres in size, this is Manhattan dwellers backyard, their playground.  With walking and biking paths, bridges and ponds, a zoo, places to eat, and benches conveniently located everywhere, it offers something for everyone.… Continue reading New York, Part 2…

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New York, New York…Part 1

  New York, New York... Is there anyone who says (sings)   it better than Frank Sinatra?  I don't think so! I was in New York this week.  Although I've been in Manhattan on numerous occasions, this is the first time in many years that I've been in the Big Apple strictly for pleasure.  Four… Continue reading New York, New York…Part 1

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