Tea with Royalty!

Only in my dreams could I have tea with the Queen,  Princess Diana,  Liz Taylor, Marilyn and Barbra!  Today I am talking about roses often named for royalty and other past and present A-list celebrities. Roses,  one of the oldest flora species, have been growing for centuries.  Early varieties were simple by today's standards but,… Continue reading Tea with Royalty!

Autumn Leaves…must fall

    One of my favourite songs of all times is "Autumn Leaves," a French song written by Joseph Kosma (composer), Jacques Prevert (French lyrics) and Johnny Mercer (English lyrics),  in 1945.             ***The lyrics translated into English:   The first time I remember hearing this song was on a… Continue reading Autumn Leaves…must fall

Rooms I Love: Part 1

I'm sure you've been out somewhere, looked around and thought to yourself, "I love this room".  For me, to qualify for this designation, it has to spark all the senses.  Most importantly is the cocooning factor... that softness that quietly wraps around you.  Often this comes in the form of luxurious textiles from draperies or… Continue reading Rooms I Love: Part 1

We’re Not Quite Done With the Grey!

I have been colouring my hair off and on since I was fifteen.  In high school everyone wanted to be a blonde; why is it that all the popular girls are blonde? I have a lot of natural red highlights and trying to go blonde was hopeless because it would always turn some version of… Continue reading We’re Not Quite Done With the Grey!

Grey or Gray?

This is one of those words in the English language that means the same thing, sounds the same but can be spelled differently.  According to Grammarist, ‘gray’ is the more accepted spelling in the U.S. and ‘grey’ is more commonly used in all other English speaking areas.  Wikipedia defines it as “an intermediate colour between… Continue reading Grey or Gray?