Autumn Leaves…must fall


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One of my favourite songs of all times is “Autumn Leaves,” a French song written by Joseph Kosma (composer), Jacques Prevert (French lyrics) and Johnny Mercer (English lyrics),  in 1945.



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***The lyrics translated into English:


Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 3.25.32 PMThe first time I remember hearing this song was on a trip to Paris.  I was in a jazz club and a most beautiful young woman sang this  (in French, of course), almost bringing me to tears.  Actually, I’m brought to tears every time I hear this song … not because it makes me sad but because the music and lyrics together are just so hauntingly romantic.

Autumn is my favourite season.  The long hot days are over, thankfully, moving on to cool, crisp mornings, warm, sunny afternoons, and longer, dark, and often starlit evenings.  The harvest moon sits just above the horizon like a  gigantic, golden globe officially marking the change from summer to fall.

I love watching how nature prepares for the future.  The branches are heavy with fruits and berries for all of us in the animal kingdom to gather.  The squirrels in my neighbourhood are very busy collecting pinecones and peanuts storing them…I don’t know where.  The geese are grazing in the fields,  feasting on the cut crops, getting ready for a long flight south.  The garden shares it’s nourishing bounty.

This is the best time for the fashionistas.  The much-anticipated September Vogue,  (the fashion bible),  previews the best trends for the next six months.  The designers have spent millions on new campaign advertisements hoping to entice their followers to scrap their entire wardrobe and start anew.  The colours are muted, the textures are softer, warmer, cozier.  Layering is the best option for fluctuating temperatures.  And what can you say about all the leopard print shoes and bags!

The social season is in full swing again.  Everyone is back in town after summer vacations and anxious to catch up with old friends.  I know myself that I have been reaching out to friends that I haven’t seen for months.  Restaurants are busy.  Commutes are hectic.  The theatre, ballet, opera, symphony and sporting seasons are gearing up.   The Emmys (Big Little Lies a huge winner, yes, yes, yes) kick off the award season.   University and college campuses are all abuzz with nervous energy and high hopes for the future.  Although my grandsons may not be excited about getting back to school, I know they look forward to seeing their old friends and hoping to make new ones.

Where I live autumn is fleeting, squeezed in between burning summers and snowy winters that often come too soon.  Before long the river valley changes from green to crimson and gold, the brisk winds start to blow and the leaves are gone.   Memorable afternoons spent with grandchildren raking and playing in mounds of leaves are priceless.


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I’ve often wondered why January 1 is called New Year’s Day.  Don’t you think that September 1 is more appropriate to be the first day of the year?  It is the new beginning and best of all … Autumn Leaves start to fall




xxx Judy






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  1. I’m telling you Judy, you have the most lovely, romantic, sentimental heart, wonderfully expressed through your poetic musings. I love Autumn too, just for the very reasons you do. Summer, here in Naramata, had me exposing my floppy arms because I couldn’t take the heat anymore! Much relieved now that cooler weather showed up, so that I can COVER UP! Here in wine country, the colors in the vineyards don’t start changing until mid October….the most beautiful time of the year. The vistas over shimmering Okanagan Lake include vibrant lines of red and yellow vineyards. People are just now starting to pick their grapes. Since Dick got the brainy idea of planting his very own crop on the side of this cliff, we have been going down there on a sunny Sept/Oct. morning, just after he determines the “brix” number is just right. I told him this year, (as I huffed and puffed my way up the hill after helping take off the netting), that I wasn’t friggin going down there any more! Really! I’m to old and out of shape for this kind of foolery! If you aren’t watching your step closely, it wouldn’t take much to tumble down the cliff! . But he still loves doing this hobby, so there you have it!. Okay, so even though I threatened, I probably will go down and help this year… I’d feel guilty if I didn’t. Thanks for posting another beautiful note Judy! Love, Darlene

  2. Hi Judy! We are on the same page about fall. Although I do pine for summer and the long hours of sunshine, since I was a child, September has always felt like the beginning of the new year.
    You have painted the most eloquent picture with your words. Thank you!

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