Blue Moon

   Blue Moon...written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart  in 1934 January 2018 gives us the trifecta of lunar events...a supermoon, a lunar eclipse and a blue moon.   The supermoon (appearing up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a full moon) occurs when the new moon is at the closest point of its… Continue reading Blue Moon

Café Society

  Wikipedia states that Maury Henry Biddle Paul was the first to coin the phrase "Café Society".  It was used to represent the brilliant and beautiful who frequented the cafés during the early 1900s in Paris, London, and New York.  Today you can't walk down a main street anywhere in Paris that doesn't have at… Continue reading Café Society

The French Pharmacy

On many streets in France,  you will find a French "Pharmacie" easily identified by the flashing green cross.  All pharmacies are independently owned (no drugstore chains or box stores) and they are the only places where you can buy "over the counter" medicines.  If you need an aspirin in France you will have to buy… Continue reading The French Pharmacy