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I didn’t have a playlist until a few years ago.  I know…I’m “old school” (CD’s were piled up in a corner with an outdated CD player)… but I have always loved to listen to music.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.39.54 PMMy first memories of music were when I was a young girl.  My mom loved country (cowboy) music…Johnny Cash being her heartthrob.  She even had a concert poster of him taped on the fridge!!!  Western music droned on in the kitchen, her domain. Not my thing then or now!!!   I would escape into my parent’s bedroom and turn the clock radio dial to the popular (top 40)  music channel listening to the likes of Paul Anka (Diana, Lonely Boy), Bobby Vinton (Blue Velvet, Roses are Red) and Connie Francis (Where the Boys Are, Lipstick on Your Collar).  Over the winter months, I spent my preteen years at the outdoor community skating rink where Leslie Gore (It’s My Party,  It’s Judy’s Turn to Cry) and Neil Sedaka (Calendar Girl, Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, O’ Carol) would blare out into the neighbourhood for hours on end.  Do you remember that song, “Norman”?  That was another standby…

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.38.13 PMAt that time, Ed Sullivan found his way (through television) into most living rooms on Sunday evenings, bringing hours of entertainment across North America. Most significantly, for me, he provided the first glimpse of the British rock bands that dominated the music scene.  I remember almost not breathing when the Beatles first hit his stage in 1964… not that you could hear the lyrics over the screaming and wailing from the audience of teenage girls!  Hearing those simple tunes today takes me right back in front of that black and white TV screen praying that one of my brothers wouldn’t start to make fun of me or cause some kind of a fuss.

Once I was earning my own money,  I would frequent the music stores buying the “top 10”  45’s and LP’s.  I would play the same songs over and over again.  When I found out my brothers were playing my records when I wasn’t home (never giving a care if the vinyl became scratched or warped),  I would practically kill them!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.23.17 PMI remember reading that an unborn baby could hear music while in the womb and I believe there may be something to that theory.  When I was pregnant with my daughter,  I played Carole King’s “Tapestry” album on repeat for probably the full nine months!  To this day, this music is my daughter’s favourite!  We went to see “Beautiful”, the Broadway Musical of Carole King’s story, in San Francisco several years back bringing us full circle.

When my children were preschoolers I would play Elton John’s, “Bennie and the Jets” full blast.  It didn’t matter where they were playing or what they were doing they would come running to the stereo and we would all dance to the music.  Now my youngest grandson loves this song too!  Some of this music is just timeless!

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Over the years we have come to hear our music from a variety of sources.  For my younger self, it was the radio that entertained.  My kids lived by  MTV and my grandchildren go to YouTube or iTunes.

Many songs on my playlist are from movie soundtracks,  and my most recent additions come from the music on the award-winning series,  “Big Little Lies”.

Music is a powerful memory trigger.   Even science is turning to music to help with memory loss caused by traumatic brain injury and dementia, as well as researching the emotional benefits for those suffering from poor mental health and depression.  I’m sure you can remember what song was playing for all those dramatic  “firsts”… like the first waltz with someone special or during the heartbreak after a nasty break up.    Hearing those old tunes is a flashback of the past whether it be happy or sad.

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Today I have 177 songs on my playlist, always adding to it when I’m reminded of something meaningful.  Some of the songs mentioned above have made the cut, as well as classical, jazz, and even some rap music.   It’s hard to pick a favourite song on that list, however,  “Respect” by Aretha Franklin always seems to rise to the top.  Your playlist is a personal anthology of the musical memories of your life…a part of your own DNA!

What’s does your playlist say about you?

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xxx Judy

8 thoughts on “What’s on your playlist?”

  1. Oh so true Judy, music has and always will be a big part of my life….I also loved Carole King and played Tapestry endlessly in the ’70’s. I was in NY in just this January and went to the Broadway musical Beautiful! It took me back, it was fantastic and everyone in the theatre were either singing or humming, loved it!! I dug out Tapestry CD since my return, playing it a lot. Great piece Judy!!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing “Beautiful” again this fall when I’m in New York. I loved it too… it was on my mind for days after first seeing it.

  3. As I peruse my playlist I realize it is indicative of my journey through life, a compilation of songs from early childhood to the present day. I add songs of course, based on a liking but also because of the feelings they incite. Some songs are teeny boppish that make me want to break out in to dance while others are sappy, reminding me of the ones I have loved or love today. Regardless I recognize how personal it is and how my playlist has the capacity to unmask my inner self.
    One day I am certain my kids will reminisce how Carole King droned on in the house ad nauseam!

  4. Good Day Judy,
    I have this Monday available for our coffee! If that works for u ? Would love to finally get together!

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  5. A black and white Roy Orbison stage show was on TV just last week, and it was compelling enough to make me drop everything and sit down to enjoy it, even though I have previously watched it many times. Adding to the performance, a very young k.d. Lang was delightful. A smoke-filled stage was of no consequence then!
    I can and do enjoy many of today’s artists, but growing-up tunes have a permanence that is so sweet.
    I believe there is something to prenatal reading and/or music Judy, and I encourage it. I have had many teachers tell me, at book signings, that they read to their babies while they were still in the womb and continued with the shared experience for as long as they would let them! 🙂 How lovely that you and your daughter have come full-circle.

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