Decorating 101…Part 3 “Making a House a Home”


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Now that you have found your decorating style and have decided on your basics,  you can make your house a home by adding your own flair.  This is where your personality shines through.  You may be an artist, a collector, a traveller, a writer (or avid reader), a crafter, a photographer, a gardener, a sports enthusiast etc.   Allow this side of you to become a part of your decor.




Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 5.56.18 PMAlthough the picture above may make some of you cross-eyed,  wondering what to look at first, you will have to admit that an interesting person probably lives there.  It shows someone who most likely is curious,  well read, likes music,  has a relaxed  “live and let live mentality” and would make a captivating dinner companion.  Most of us, however,  require a little more order in our decor.

Every one of us is unique, with layers of life experiences, making us the people we become. Why not layer your home to reflect who you are,  giving those chosen few you invite in a glimpse into your world?

 I like things.  Books, especially, are a real weakness and I certainly have been guilty of piling them up in every room of the house.  To get organized I had a bookcase built for my living room.  I have lined the shelves with my favourites.       One section is for novels,  one for biographies/ autobiographies of writers, politicians, designers, and style icons, as well as a section dedicated solely to Paris.  In the den,  I keep my travel books, art books and miscellaneous reference books.  Keeping your collectables together makes for more impact as well as minimizing tedious housekeeping tasks (not to mention that you will be able to find things when you want/need them!).

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When looking around your own home I’m sure you will find like objects scattered about.  You may not even be aware that you are a collector!  Creating a vignette of these items instantly elevates the importance they have in your life.

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A coffee or console table is an ideal spot for display.  Because the surface isn’t too large, an interesting arrangement can be achieved with a few well-chosen pieces.   Also, changing things up seasonally keeps it fresh and interesting.






Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 1.13.03 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-13 at 1.13.03 PMIt’s important to really see what you have in your space.  Like your closet,  serious editing may be required to pare down to what you really love, and what fits in with your decorating style. The rest may just be clutter!  Sometimes all that “noise”  may not allow the real you to shine through.  It’s not necessary to keep everything that has been in that space just because it’s always been there.  There’s a decorating rule that says, “surround yourself with the things you love and discard the rest”. That may be a little drastic, but if you loved these pieces in the past chances are they could be useful elsewhere in your home or be a welcome addition in a family or friend’s home.

The world outside our doors isn’t always pretty. More than ever “Home” becomes that cherished place we look forward to ending our busy days in.  It’s the place we share with friends and family to celebrate special occasions.

I hope that as you look around your home you think, “Yes, a fascinating person must live here…someone I look forward to spending time with!”

xxx Judy

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  1. I especially appreciate the idea of amalgamating one’s collectibles. I have quite of collection of seashells, yet they are strewn about the house haphazardly. I think grouping them might make more of an impact!
    Regarding your home reflecting its occupants, I think this is the ultimate goal, it just takes time and it constantly evolving with every stage of one’s life.

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