Winter Wonderland!

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As I peer out my windows I believe my garden is more beautiful in the winter than in the summer.  There’s something about the way snow sits atop of the hedges and on the statuary.  It accentuates details that I have missed during the other seasons.  Mother Nature has dropped a layer of vanilla icing on everything… with hoar frost being one of her finest moments.








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As part of my holiday enthusiasm, I’m also decorating the outdoors.  Little white mini lights (the old-fashioned kind) light up the hedge leading to the front door.  My favourite sightline, however,  is from the upstairs windows looking to the back garden.  My miniature spruce trees are also lit with tiny white lights and the greenhouse glows gold by the light of a dimmed chandelier.  I keep the lights on through the night just for me…and the birds to enjoy!





Filling outdoor urns with fresh greens was difficult this year.  The dirt was frozen right to the bottom of the pots by the time I bought my greenery.  After pouring about ten kettles full of boiling water into the pots I was finally able to push the greenery into the soil down about four inches.  Ideally, it would be better if I could have sunk the stems in deeper as the wind has caused some havoc.  Adding some artificial berries and branches makes for a fuller, more beautiful arrangement.

A festive front door and landing gives your guests a glimpse of what’s inside.  At a local supermarket, I found fresh spruce wreaths very reasonably priced.  Upon first glance, they didn’t appear to be that desirable!  A flattened, tired looking red felt bow detracted more than added but the greenery itself was fresh and full.  All I did was add a few more sprigs of fresh greenery, an artificial flower, a few branches and a different ribbon.  The colours and theme now compliment what I have decided to do with the decorations indoors.


Snow people are one of my most favourite things ever!  Their vulnerability is what makes them so special…they could be here today and gone tomorrow surviving only at the whim of the weather.  Artistic talent is not required and I believe the ones made by children are always the best.  As I drive through my neighbourhood seeing kids out playing in the snow, having fun creating their own little sculptures, I’m reminded of the hours I spent outdoors over the winter months many years ago.   What good times they were!!  Maybe with the forecast for milder temperatures this coming week you may be inspired to rekindle some of your own childhood memories!  Have fun!

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xxx Judy

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