Fall 2023 Bulb Plan…


The past week was spent planting bulbs…and more bulbs…665. Thankfully, Jamie was here to do the hard part…the digging! And the weather…what can I say? It felt more like summer than fall.

Since it’s so mild out, I hesitated about planting the bulbs; however, I received boxes of bulbs from the suppliers a couple of weeks ago and thought they would be better in the ground than sitting at room temperature.  Let’s hope that was the right call…

I switched up the bulb planting plan a bit; however,  I didn’t get too adventurous with a vibrant colour scheme, instead opting to complement the existing perennials and shrubs.


In the past few years, I planted purple gladiator alliums interspersed within the boxwood parterres (situated just inside the iron fence along the front garden). The yield was not that great this spring (not sure why), and I dug up the few bulbs that did bloom. This week, we planted over 200 white tulips in their place…a combination of White Cloud (left photo below), Hakuum (middle image below), and Exotic Emperor (right photo below), which range from 14″-22″ in height.

Working our way back towards the house, we loosely divided the area into three horizontal sections with the plan to plant bulbs from shortest to tallest behind the boxwood hedge that separates the parterres from the perennials and shrubs.

The front layer consists of Mount Hood Daffodils (left photo below) and White Favourite Daffodils (right image below) – 13″-18″. The bulbs weave in and out of phlox, iris, perennial allium and campanula.



In the middle layer, we planted Pardon My Purple Tulips, a mix of mauve to dark purple (ranging in height from 14:-22″) amongst the hellebores, azaleas and hydrangeas.





In the back third section, we planted tall (4-5′) purple gladiators that should hold their own with the ferns and lilacs.







I wanted to continue with the white colour theme in the new perennial gardens along the pavers. Scattered throughout, we planted Mount Everest Alliums (36″) and the same white tulip blend used in the boxwood parterres.





The rose garden is the most colourful area of my garden…from white, cream, yellow, and apricot to multiple shades of pink and mauve. To blend in with this colour scheme, I chose four different varieties of tulips…Tulip Pink Impression (left photo below), Tulipa Salmon Impression (second from left image below), Tulip Salmon Prince (second from right picture below), and Tulipa Apricot Parrot (right photo below) ranging from 16″-22″.

There is still much to do to prepare the garden for winter, but I’m thrilled that the bulbs are in the ground. It’s the one job I genuinely dislike doing in the fall, but come spring, I love seeing these little wonders popping up to announce the beginning of another garden season.

xox Judy❤️


6 thoughts on “Fall 2023 Bulb Plan…”

  1. I feel like I woke up to Spring looking at all these photos Judy! I hate planting bulbs as well but the reward in the Spring is so worth it. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together and what your garden looks like when they all bloom!! The whites are all so calming and tranquil and the apricot and salmon colours are unbelievable. Thank you for starting my day off so beautifully🥰. Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen, Nature has a way of rewarding us with so much more than the effort we put in. I’m so grateful for my garden and the joy and peace it gives me. xox Judy❤️

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