All is Gold…




Just a quick photo post today because I can’t help myself! The Elm never disappoints, but today, it’s really put on a show.  I’ve tried to capture the leaves falling without much success, but it’s magical nevertheless.








Hope you, too, are seeing the beauty of fall.  xox Judy❤️

11 thoughts on “All is Gold…”

  1. Such a beautiful sight Judy!! Love all the yellow leaves covering the garden buildings!! Thanks for these images, I love Fall 🍂

  2. What a gorgeous sight Judy! What an amazing amount of leaves and how much fun it must be to crunch through them. We also have a large elm tree but yours is bigger and I think it’s lovely how your house and garden are just completely coated….so pretty! I’m absolutely loving my morning autumn walks with Cooper as we crunch through all the leaves and breathe in the crisp fresh air. Enjoy your walks with Charlie and the beauty of fall. Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen, I think there are so many more leaves this year than in the past…you many recall last year that the leaves of many trees, my elm included, didn’t drop before the snow fell. I, too, love the crunch of leaves underfoot. Charlie has loved running through the yard leaving a trail of leaves behind. She is almost camouflaged if she is rolling in them…and, of course, many, many leaves have found their way into the house! xox Judy❤️

      1. 😂Cooper brings in half the backyard as well🐶🍂🍁! That would make such a cute picture to have Charlie in big pile of leaves🥰. Hugs, Karen🥰xo

  3. Just gorgeous! Such a beautiful time of year and you have captured it!
    My dogs have been happily bringing in leaves as well – such a wonderful time of year for everyone…

  4. Why do the leaves look magnificent in your yard Judy? Your yard looks like it is paved in gold. So beautiful! Just today, in the nick of time, we got the last of our yard clean up done, some perennials re-planted from pots back into the ground, and the outside windows washed. I am going to experiment with overwintering some geraniums that I particularly liked the color of. So if anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them.
    I have to tell you that I am missing your on-line store like crazy. I was browsing through my saved Christmas images on Instagram, and of course came upon many images from your Apres CC shop, in your beautiful greenhouse. Ohhh how I am missing your brick and mortar, and online shop. The good thing is, I know I have a treasure trove from CC and Apres CC in storage, waiting to be unpacked again in a couple of weeks!

  5. Hi Karen, I’m sure you are so happy your yard work is done based on what today brings! My mom used to overwinter her geraniums a couple of ways. She either repotted them and brought them into her unheated greenhouse and let them go dormant until about mid February or she would shake all the dirt off the plants and store them in a paper bag and store in a cool place until February and then pot up and start watering. Often she took cuttings off the mature plants and started many new ones…she loved geraniums too. Snow days certainly do make us think of the holiday season. I’ve been looking at Christmas ornaments too. xox Judy❤️

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