Let it Snow!…

Not that I want it to snow, but the weather has taken a turn, reminding us that winter is on the way.

Over the weekend (before the first snow!), I finished getting the garden ready to hibernate.  It takes longer every year…why do I plant so many more boxwood hedges every spring?  (There are already plans for more boxwood hedges next spring).  It seemed like, and felt like,  I was rolling out a mile of burlap!  I have mixed emotions…I’m happy everything is in order, but the reality is the garden season is over.

This year, I have a new plan.  I ordered small hoops to go over the hedges and then covered them with burlap.  In the last couple of years, I’ve noticed damage on the boxwood if the burlap was wrapped too tightly around the plants, especially on the corners.  It doesn’t look as tidy as the old method, but I hope for better spring results.

The roses have been cut back, circled with rose collars and filled with shredded leaves.

I’m not excited to see the water bill this month, as I had the sprinklers going all last week.   No two winters are the same, and it gets harder to predict what to expect with climate change.  Will we have lots of snow, or will it be dry?  All we can do is hope for the best.

Is your garden ready for a well-deserved rest?

xox Judy❤️

4 thoughts on “Let it Snow!…”

  1. Everything looks well tucked in Judy, and ready for a blanket of snow. I look forward to the snow to covered the burlap I laid down, and to blanket the ground and spruce trees like white icing on a cup cake!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of work Judy but it will be well worth it if it saves your boxwoods…and the collars filled with leaves to protect your roses are a fantastic idea. We were able to get our winter-proofing done just in time but I’m missing my garden already😢. My lavender, which came back again this year, was still in bloom when the snow fell and I felt like I should have been cheering it on for trying so hard😂. Fingers crossed it makes it through another winter. Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen, it’s amazing how the landscape can change so much in just a few short days. I’m happy you were able to get your garden prepared for a long cold winter. The lavender poking through the snow is a reminder of just how perfect nature is. xox Judy❤️

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