Almost happy hour….

In January, I posted a blog titled “Mood Boards” and talked about the “Happy Hour” room we are working on.

The image left (from Pinterest) was one of the inspirations from my mood board for the floor.




The creation of the painted “mosaic tile” floor has begun with the help of many…one designing a stencil to fit the space perfectly, another cutting the template from a thin sheet of steel (photo left), another laying out the pattern on the patio, bravely starting the painting and I’m working on finishing it.

It’s taken longer than I had thought. The weather has hampered the process…either too hot, cold, rainy or windy. Also, this area is directly below the elm tree, which has often dropped seeds and debris right in the paint tray!

Below are photos of the progress so far.  The patio is not level and has many cracks, therefore, the “grout” lines are not lining up perfectly, conveniently adding to the vintage charm of a Paris bistro I hope to achieve.





Soon the room will come together.  Then comes the fun part of creating tasty cocktails …

xox Judy❤️

12 thoughts on “Almost happy hour….”

  1. I LOVE how this looks. The grout lines shouldn’t be perfect. It does give the old world feel to it. Very nice!

    1. Hi Karen, it’s always a collaboration when working on a project like this. Lucky for me, I have “my people” (mostly family!) who accommodate my whims! xox Judy❤️

  2. Oh my gosh Judy, you’ve done it again! It’s so beautiful! It looks amazing and the detail is unbelievable. I know I’ve said this before but……is there anything you can’t do? It really does look like the floor of a French café bistro and I think that the fact that the grout lines are not lining up adds to the authenticity and charm…it’s absolutely stunning! What a beautiful oasis you’re creating! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

  3. Hi Karen If I’m ever feeling down, I’m going to email you! You are so generous in your comments! I had a lot of help with this project so I can’t take all the credit for the end result. It’s always helpful when I have an idea and others around me, (who speak my language), can help bring everything to fruition. I finally finished painting the floor today…it’s been a tedious process, but in the end, it will be well worth the effort. xox Judy❤️

    1. Congratulations on finishing it Judy👏🥳! It is truly a work of art and a beautiful one at that!! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering if you were masked up and working in this terrible smoke. I’m so happy you’ve finished it so you can now look forward to sitting back and enjoying it during your future “happy hours”. Hugs, Karen xo❤️

      1. Hi Karen, I finished the floor yesterday morning when the wind was blowing…a lot and I smoke was too bad at the time. Later in the day and today, however, was a different story. Let’s hope this isn’t what our summer looks like. xox Judy❤️

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