The new perennial garden beds…

Now that the paving stones are in place, the next step is planning the perennial borders along the walkways.  I’ve been to practically every greenhouse in the city, some more than once, hoping to find just the perfect white perennials that grow in full sun in my growing zone.  As it turns out, this may be a tall order!

I’ve decided to go with all white considering the rose garden (multi-coloured varieties) runs parallel to the left (in this photo), and the hydrangea bed runs on the right.  I don’t want it to look too chaotic.





Ideally, I wanted to plant larger drifts of like plants, not a few of many different plants.  This is where I’ve run into some frustration.  Possibly I am impatient (probably), and the reality is that it’s early in the season, but I’m finding that the greenhouses have limited stock of each variety, or maybe there are other keen gardeners out there who have been a few steps ahead of me.  I’m not giving up…I’ll continue to rack up the mileage on my car looking for…I’m not exactly sure what!




After a good sweep and clean-up of pots and gardening tools, the garden is starting to look presentable.  Without the help of my garden angel, my niece, who has been here for the past couple of weeks, this project would be nowhere near this far along.  She’s happy and very capable of doing all the tough and dirty jobs, and I couldn’t be more grateful.






Now that the grass is gone, the hydrangea border is considerably wider. Jamie, my helper, laid the paving stones around this border, and I’ve planted some white astible in front of the hydrangea.  I will plant a hedge along this paving stone border if I can find enough Green Velvet boxwood plants. That may have to be postponed until next spring.





I’m looking for various foliage shapes and leaf colours, as well as plants that are either spiky, mounded, tall, short etc.   This will be a test summer to see how the perennials I’ve chosen thrive in full sun (south/west exposure) and how they fare over the winter.

Plenty of open spaces within the beds allow me to add to if/when I find something else that will work.

xox Judy❤️



The Plant List (so far)

  1. Star Frost Globe Thistle
  2. Moody Blues White Speedwell
  3. Campanula
  4. Thymus Albiflorus
  5. Thymus Praecox
  6. Wormwood
  7. Snow Hill Salvia
  8. Bleeding Heart Coeur-saignant
  9. Green Velvet Boxwood
  10. Azalea Exbury (White)
  11. Earlybird White Columbine
  12. Sunner Snow Asiatic Lily
  13. Flame Pro White Summer Phlox





6 thoughts on “The new perennial garden beds…”

  1. Hi Judy. It looks lovely already!! Nicely done! Can I ask what you’ve planted in the pots?

    1. Thank you Heather. The urns with white flowers are coral bells and the urns in the back by the greenhouse have boston ferns. The planters along the back of the house have and combination of perennials and annuals…also all in white. I have columbines, geraniums, phlox, pansies, spider plants, and sweet autumn clematis in the 2 pots that have obelisks. Hope you are enjoying the gardening season too. xox Judy❤️

  2. What a beautiful selection of flowers you’ve chosen Judy and your garden looks gorgeous! Two of my favourite perennials are Speedwell and Globe Thistle but I’ve never seen that colour of Globe Thistle before. I love it and it’s going to be a real show-stopper! Thank you for sharing your beautiful oasis with us…and lowering my blood pressure in the process😂….this is pure therapy! Hugs, Karen xo🥰

    1. Thank you Karen, I have never grown Speedwell or Globe Thistle so I looking forward to seeing how they perform. I wanted to purchase more of each variety but was unsuccessful. I’m sure the greenhouses will be getting in new stock all season so hopefully I will be able to add more in the next couple of weeks. xox Judy❤️

  3. Looks amazing already Judy. And will only look lovelier as the plants fill in. Thank you for sharing your selection of white blooming plants. I am really behind this year, with having broken my pinky finger. It’s my left hand, but really impedes planting and lifting bags of soil and pots. Snow in Summer has lovely white flowers, but unfortunately only blooms in the Spring, and I do love the white Geraniums in pots. Would love to see pics of your glass building that was started last Fall.

    1. Thank you Karen, sorry to hear about your injury…hopefully you are well on the mend. I can see where gardening would be challenging. As soon as the glass house is completed I will share it on the blog. Take care, xox Judy❤️

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