Round One of the Spring Cleanup…

There is just no easing your body into the garden season!  Thankfully this week, I’ve had my niece helping me with the spring cleanup; honestly, she has done most of the heavy lifting.

And where did ALL the leaves come from?  I raked last fall, but there are still endless bags of dried twigs and branches…the willow is so messy.  With all the wind we’ve had this spring, it’s no wonder!


Last summer, I planted dozens of perennials in the front garden, and now I see little green shoots sprouting up everywhere.  I’ll assume these are actually perennials and not weeds!  The tulips popped out overnight, as did the alliums.

In the past, I’ve clipped the boxwood hedges in early June, but I decided to see what would happen if I clipped them now.  I’ve read they should be trimmed in early spring before they flush out new growth.  We’re having warm, very warm days and no risk of a hard frost at night in the 10-day forecast…I think it will be OK.

There is a bit of winter kill here and there, but for the most part, the boxwood faired well over the winter.  The front garden is so dry.  With some rain or watering, they will perk up in no time.  It’s hard to believe there was still snow on the ground a couple of weeks ago!




The Cotoneaster hedge and the Willow tree are leafing out early.







This hydrangea also has a head start.





And the first open tulip of 2023.

I’m sure all you gardeners are spending your days outdoors too…there is much to do!

xox Judy❤️

4 thoughts on “Round One of the Spring Cleanup…”

  1. Seeing the green boxwood is instant gratification in the Spring! I’ve been at the clean up for two weeks now, and yes, every day there seem to be more leaves to rake up. Is it raining leaves at night? So dry out there, that I starting watering my back lawn last night.
    So far, I have lost only one shrub, a large grafted topiary juniper in my front yard. But I already have new plans for the little space – as soon as I can get my husband to cut it down and remove the roots.
    Can I ask what the topiary trees you have planted in the containers inside the boxwood hedges are Judy?

  2. Hi Karen, I agree, “is it raining leaves at night?” I will be watering too, unfortunately one of my hoses didn’t survive the winter so must get a replacement. The topiaried trees are hydrangea. I had bought “very expensive” ones from Greenland in summer of 2021 and they didn’t survive. These ones were under $100 from Home Depot. Not sure if they made it but I will keep you posted. xox Judy❤️

  3. Wow, Judy, your hydrangeas are so green and healthy-looking…mine are still hibernating by the looks of it! I hope they’re just “sleeping in” and ready to wake up soon🤞….the brown and crispy appearance of them isn’t giving me much hope though😰. My irises have made an appearance which is promising. I empathize with your raking dilemma! Every time Cooper comes in he brings in pine needles and leaves…and we’ve been raking since the snow left us😫! Your garden looks gorgeous and I always enjoy seeing what you’re up to so thank you so much for sharing! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen, not all my hydrangeas are looking stellar…I took a picture of the best one! But I’m comforted by all the green I see. It seems very early for all the trees to be leafed out already. So far I think there are 30 bags of garden waste…we will not be popular on pick up day! Happy gardening, xox Judy❤️

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