A (mini) Living Room Refresh…








It all started with Charlie chewing the living room area rug…



I loved my old rug (the one at the bottom of this photo).  The colours were subtle and fit in perfectly with the furniture and draperies.  I’ve had it for a long time and had no intention of replacing it.  Charlie has enjoyed nibbling on it for the past year, and it became clear  it was time to replace it.  I found a new rug (the one on top in this photo) with a lower pile but similar in style and colour.

The decor in the living room has been looking a little tired for a while…maybe Charlie has done me a favour! Although I’ve seen furniture and accessories I’ve been tempted to buy, I just haven’t been ready to get rid of what I already have.  That “rule” about removing something old with something new?  I’m just not there…yet.

The furniture placement in the living room is pretty well set.  We like to dine in front of the fireplace; therefore, the table stays where it is, not to mention I couldn’t really place anything else in front of the fireplace. The bookcase can’t be moved.  It weighs a ton, and the wall it’s on is the only one long enough to accommodate it.  By choice, the TV is tucked in on a wall that can’t be seen when you walk into the room, and the fourth wall is a window wall…leaving few options for a different arrangement.

We’ve had five dogs over the years, four have lived in this house, and I have three grandsons, who I adore…all can do no wrong!    I’ve always wanted our home to be comfortable and not too precious because accidents (the chocolate milk kind) and wear and tear must be factored into the decor equation.  Having said all that, I’m also not the most practical person on the planet!  We have an ivory-coloured velvet sofa, and the dining chairs (in here) are upholstered in the same fabric.  To say the chairs are dirty would be the understatement of the year!!!   Knowing that even if I had chairs recovered, the likelihood that the same results would happen, I’ve decided to have the chairs slipcovered in washable fabrics.  To have a seasonal change, I’ve chosen two fabric options (photo left), one is velvet, and the other is a linen blend.




I had a french mattress-style pad made for one of the sofas.  Although the velvet fabric isn’t exactly matched to the upholstery fabric, it’s washable and will extend the sofa’s life.





There was some talk (by my daughter) about changing the coffee table.  I’ve had this table for at least thirty years…I know it’s old, but it always just fit.  I was (reluctantly!) considering getting a brass and glass rectangular table, but when the new dining table was moved in, I decided to keep it. The style and mahogany wood are compatible.  It can live on for another decade!




I’m afraid to get the drapes cleaned.  These are silk taffeta (the fabric may just fall apart) and have been hanging here for probably 15 years.  Thankfully this is a north-facing window!  Until I find something that fits (decor-wise), I will not replace them.

As you can see, the colours are neutral in this room.  I could easily add some brighter colours, but…the room is like an old shoe…it’s comfortable, and it just fits our lifestyle.

Although this is a minor refresh, I’ve also done the deep clean.  Now I’m ready for the garden, but before I get too excited about that, the kitchen and dining room are calling my name!

xox Judy










7 thoughts on “A (mini) Living Room Refresh…”

  1. You have such a keen eye Judy, for beautiful design. I’ve been culling years of design magazines and your rooms far outshine the lot of them.

    1. Hi Joyce, I think you may need new reading glasses! I’m sure there are exceptionally beautifully curated rooms in your magazines!…but “thank you” xox Judy❤️

  2. I love your new carpet choice. I doubt you could find anything closer to your old one. Is it an area rug, or carpeting? I think the muted shades are perfect for that room. I also love the chair slipcover fabric, especially the pattern and tones in the linen blend fabric. Keep us posted.

  3. I can’t believe how similar your new rug is to the old one…both are beautiful Judy. I also love the two fabric choices you’ve made for the slipcovers. Both the fabric and colours are classic and timeless..I can’t wait to see how they look once completed. And as for Charlie….she is just too darn cute🥰🐶😂!! When it comes to initiating your renovation ideas, it looks like she’s the perfect partner in crime😂. Hugs, Karen xo❤️

  4. Hi Karen, I was lucky to find the new rug. The pile is much lower, it’s a knotted rug not plush. Even though the style, pattern and colours are so similar, it does give the room a slightly different look. I am having the slipcovers made this week and, I too, am anxious to see how they turned out! Charlie has been following along with the changes…her nose right in the middle of everything! xox Judy❤️

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