A Love Story…


How I long for the return of a can’t wait to see romantic comedy (I’m channelling Jane Austen), and where is Nancy Meyers when we really need her!

After a steady diet of cable news, unhinged politicians, devastating natural disasters, a senseless, heartbreaking war, not to mention Covid, isn’t it time for a light, uplifting love story?

Charlie and I were home alone for the past couple of weeks, and I found timeor should I say, I took time to sit back and relax.  (Why is it that we don’t allow ourselves to take a break unless we are on vacation?)

The first week was bitterly cold, and I had no desire to be out and about at night.  As I scrolled through Netflix, I was disappointed that nothing enticing (other than what I had seen before) was available.  I wasn’t in the mood for violence, mystery, a thriller, or a sad emotional movie or series. Desperate, I turned to an old faithful, Bridgerton, and binged both seasons…the third time I’ve watched it!

It seems like I haven’t read a book since the pandemic.  I used to have coffee at my favourite cafe every morning and read for at least an hour.  That routine was interrupted when Covid ran rampant, and my table by the window became a distant memory.  For some reason, I haven’t given myself permission to read for enjoyment at home…until now.  It was time to start reading again.  With Valentine’s Day just a week away, a good love story was only fitting.

I started the “Irish Heart” series by Juliet Gauvin on a Friday afternoon and finished the trilogy on Monday.  It’s an easy read (you won’t be adding to your lexicon!); romance, of course, exquisite fashion, plenty of chocolate and champagne and familiar locations, the kind you find yourself following along in the characters’ footsteps.  The Irish in me loved the first book, and London and Paris are cities I always long to visit, even if it’s through the words of another.


When I read something I’ve enjoyed, I want to learn more about the author.  Much to my delight, I found out there were 2 more books in this series.  I’ve promptly ordered them and can’t wait to find out what happens next…


…not to mention the fabulous covers!


Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day, time with your loved ones and especially some time for you to escape wherever you long to be…

xox Judy



4 thoughts on “A Love Story…”

  1. You must have read my mind Judy because I’ve been thinking the same thing lately…Where are you Nancy Meyers??? I came across Wild Mountain Thyme (starring Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan) on Netflix and it is …PERFECT, PERFECT, PERECT! It is set in Ireland which speaks to my Irish ancestry as well but more than that it is an absolute delight to watch and has…drum roll…the perfect ending🥰! If you haven’t already watched it then pop up your popcorn, grab Charlie and your most comfortable jammies tonight and watch it! I actually ordered the DVD off of Amazon so I won’t go into withdrawal once Netflix removes it😱….perish the thought! I’ve watched it so many times I swear I know every line in the movie! Leap Year (Amy Adams and Matthew Goode), another rom-com set in Ireland, is also really good and also has a perfect ending! Finding Figaro is set in Scotland (the other half of my ancestry) and it’s also good! I need a good book to read so I will definitely check out the Irish Heart series…thank you so much for the suggestion! Once again, your post has made my day Judy! Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy the show(s)! Hugs, Karen xo🥰

  2. Hi Karen, Thank you for this enthusiastic comment…I love it! I haven’t seen Wild Mountain Thyme but plan to watch it ASAP! I, too, have watched Leap Year multiple times and love it. You are always so thoughtful in your comments and I really appreciate it. xox Judy❤️

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