The Snowball Effect…

You know how one thing leads to another? This tale of musical tables started innocently enough with a trip to a local home decor shop to pick up a few gifts.

The shop, Plum Home & Design, always has the most beautiful window displays. I arrived a few minutes before the store opened, so I had time to see what interesting items they chose to feature for the New Year (photo left). It was simple but oh so elegant…a large gold mirror with a beautifully carved frame, two upholstered chairs and then my eyes landed on the most sensational table………

I wasn’t shopping for a new table, nor do I need a new one! After inquiring about the table (just out of curiosity!) I picked up several gifts and was on my way.

However, over the next few days, I couldn’t get that table off my mind and started wondering where it might fit in my house.


The logical place for “the table” would be in front of the fireplace where we dine most evenings. It’s 3″ wider in diameter than the existing table (photo left); it would fit, plus the extra tabletop space would be advantageous. In addition, the dark marble top would compliment the cream and charcoal decor in the living room…

Hmmm… I’m starting to justify it… Of course, if I did purchase it, I knew there would be quite a shuffle of tables I already have in place…the snowball effect.


Although the marble bistro table in the kitchen is the perfect partner for the banquette, it will be an ideal addition to the “Happy Hour” room.  Out it goes!

In its place, I thought the original living room table might work, but the warm tone of the stone top didn’t look good with the marble countertops. Painting the top was not an option (although I paint almost everything, I stop at natural stone!). The next plan was to exchange it with the table in the greenhouse. This, it turns out, was a good move.   The size and style are a better fit for the greenhouse. In the spring, the rattan chairs will have to be spray painted in a shade that works with the table and other greenhouse furniture. The iron base suits the rustic greenhouse interior.

Although the diameter of the greenhouse table is 6″ bigger than the bistro table, it fits in the kitchen, but the base looked too chunky. I’ve painted the base and apron charcoal black to diminish the bulk. I haven’t painted the top (yet)…my thought being a solid dark table top may be too stark against the printed pattern on the drapery as well as the banquette…it will do for now.

We don’t eat in the kitchen…I use this area as my “office”. My computer and numerous books and magazines are always on the table. The window faces south, offering bright sunlight on most days and a view of the back garden. Charlie and I spend many hours here; she can keep her eyes on the birds and put the run on them if they get too close.  When all that excitement tires her out, she can curl up beside me and have a nap!




This is “the table” I couldn’t leave behind. Pam from Plum Home gave me some information about its history.   It’s a French Mahogany Gueridon table with a grey and cream dished marble top.  The base has carved knees, and “hairy” pawed feet.  It dates back to the 1860s.  What is remarkable is the condition it’s in.  Not a mark on the base, and it’s solid.  What I do love is the scratches on the marble…wouldn’t I give anything to know who has sat at this table in the past!




The table may be over 160 years old, but I have no doubt it will live on for years to come.  In the meantime, we plan to add our own patina…

This has been a hectic week with plenty of heavy lifting…but all’s well that ends well!

xox Judy


PS  If you live in Edmonton or the surrounding area, I encourage you to visit Plum Home & Design,  located in the historic Oliver Exchange Building.  Some of the product mix is similar to what we carried at CC on Whyte, with the addition of antiques the owners bring back from trips to the UK.  My table, although made in France, found its way to Britain.  They brought it home to Edmonton.  Everyone who works at Plum is friendly and helpful, and Pam does exceptional (enticing) window and shop displays.








16 thoughts on “The Snowball Effect…”

  1. Dear Judy – how I laughed – thank you for sharing your tale of musical tables! I can relate as I’m sure we all can. The new table is gorgeous – what a find – absolutely a perfect Judy table. And all the swaps – perfect. Your instincts are always spot-on. Looking forward to seeing the After Hours chambre come along. Bon Jour! Janita

    1. Hi Janita, Based on the comments from this blog, it appears that we all have the “table (furniture) shuffle” in common. At this time of year we’re looking for a “refresh” in the interiors of our homes…soon it will be gardening time again. Lovely to hear from you, xox Judy

  2. Hahaha! How timely! I just got back from my adventure of buying a table and one lonely chair that needed a home. I’m about to do the table shuffle but mine are side tables. I’ve been eyeing one for about 4 months and today was the day.

    You’ve got a beautiful table there Judy. And thank you very much for sharing info about this shop. I’ll have to check it out. But it sounds like it could be a very dangerous place. Enjoy your fantastic new table. It looks great!

    1. Hi Joyce, Lucky table and chair to find their way to a beautiful home! It’s a good thing there are a few months in winter to care for our interiors…the garden always gets the lion share of our time. Have fun rearranging…I found lots of dust (probably not the case at your house!) in corners I had obviously ignored, so that’s a bonus too! xox Judy❤️

  3. Fantastic find Judy. The carved base is extraordinary. It looks perfect in front of your fire place, and grounds the space beautifully. Let me know when you run out of furniture storage space, and I’ll help take some of your cast offs, off your hands – lol. Enjoy the sunshine today!

    1. Hi Karen, Thank you…my cast offs would look like “garage sale” finds surrounded by all the beautiful treasures in your home! Looks like winter is back, but it looks beautiful…xox Judy❤️

  4. Hi Judy, This is beautiful. I love everything. Scott and I call this ‘renovation creep’; you change one thing… and so it goes. We love Plum as well, but miss CC!

    1. Hi Joanne, I love that term, ‘renovation creep’! It’s so appropriate. I’m happy you found Plum and I can see that you would be very much at home there. xox Judy❤️

  5. Oh Judy it’s spectacular!! That window display caught my eye over the holiday season… perfect in your home❤️

    1. Hi Catherine, yes, “the table” has your name all over it! Plum has mastered the Art of Window Display in such a compact space…makes me wish I had carved out a space at CC for one. xox Judy❤️

  6. Oh Judy, that’s such a gorgeous table and those chairs are perfect with it!! I love the whole outcome of your “musical tables”! I also love the transformation of the new table at the banquette. Painting the pedestal and apron really balances it all out. I can totally relate to your musical furniture game! A common phrase in my house is “you’re moving what?” 😂 I’m either changing the placement of one piece of furniture or changing the hardware on something that isn’t being moved. Plum Home & Design sounds lovely. I’ll have to pay a visit for sure. Your house is gorgeous and I love the fact that you eat in front of the fireplace…it’s so elegant but yet so cozy! I always love to see what design adventures you’re up to and you’re a constant inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing and enjoy adding your own history and patina to your new table. Hugs, Karen xo❤️

  7. Hi Karen, I missed those days when I was moving furniture around the house. In the past I have switched the living room and dining room …twice…when a couple of strong helpers are a must. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve had the furniture shuffle, but I haven’t mastered the “when something new comes in, something has to be moved out” rule! xox Judy❤️

  8. I always do a refresh of accessories & accent furniture at this time of year once the Christmas decor comes down, making it fresh for the New Year. Wonderful find at Plum Home, the table is Stunning in front of your fireplace! I also love how you dine in front of your fireplace and work at the Kitchen table. I also can’t seem to get rid of something when something new comes in – a rule my husband has been trying to implement for many years, but I have found ways around it. It is when we move to a new home I find I can let go of things, no plans of that in the near future, so I am safe for awhile. I am now rethinking how we use our home when my husband retires in the next year. Thank you for sharing your home and inspiration for a little interior refresh of my own.

    Take care,

    Karla Billey

    1. Hi Karla, I’m sure when you “refresh” your home, it looks amazing. However, I remember when I was helping others redecorate their homes, my home was often neglected. Now that I’m “retired” and during Covid, my husband was home all the time, and also not able to travel, I find that we are using our home differently too. I’m trying to really “live” in our spaces instead of just passing through. xox Judy❤️

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