What a spectacular autumn…



Until a few days ago, we hadn’t even had our first frost (usually around mid-September)!  Many trees are still loaded with green leaves.  Getting the garden ready for winter has been tricky…do we do it now or wait another week.  The annuals are still blooming; it’s not easy to relegate them to the compost bin.   I have been waxing and waning about when to cover the boxwood hedges with burlap and cut back the perennials that have been happily blooming away.

As you can see from this photo (above by Intex Imaging), taken in mid-October, the garden was still in summer mode.  Not even the cotoneaster hedge had started to turn from yellow to red, and the elm (on the back right side of the house was still green).  The willow in the front left is always the last to lose its leaves.

I did relent, knowing that freezing temperatures were looming, and before we knew it, the snow would be flying.  I have covered the boxwood, but the garden is still mostly green.

This year I’m determined to protect the roses, hoping they will survive come spring.

I have not cut the roses back as much as I have in the past.  Also, the roots should be well protected with rose collars and straw and leaves tucked around the base.  Fingers crossed…

Happy Halloween,

xox Judy




8 thoughts on “What a spectacular autumn…”

  1. The beautiful, long Fall weather has thrown me for a loop, as to cutting down the perennials while they are still green, or to wait. The leaves and berries on one of my trees continue to hang on, and I don’t ever remember having annuals that continued to have blossoms into October. I am experimenting with over-wintering my Geranium plants inside this Winter. The colors I found this Spring were a spectacular pink and red, and I couldn’t get myself to throw them into the compost bin. So, we shall see come Spring if they will come back to life when I re-pot them. Hope you enjoy every day of this beautiful Fall weather, even if it means an extended outdoor clean up.

    1. Hi Karen, I have noticed in my neighbourhood that the geraniums are still looking beautiful too. My mom used to overwinter her geraniums in her small greenhouse. In early spring she took cuttings off the original plant and by the time the weather was warm enough to plant outside, she had many, many more geraniums in her favourite colours. Hopefully you will have good success with yours. My garden is pretty well buttoned up for winter…now I ready for holiday mode! xox Judy❤️

  2. Yes, I am thinking about all my beautiful CC on Whyte Christmas decor tucked away in storage, and will start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween. This year will be a little bit of a challenge with a Christmas tree, and having a very rambunctious puppy that likes to chew and tug on everything! I know you can relate. Truely missing your CC on Whyte online shop Judy 🙁

    1. Hi Karen, I was in Vancouver over the weekend and the department stores are all decked out for the season. I won’t be putting up the tree again this year…and I certainly understand the challenge you will have with a new puppy, that probably is the best gift of all! We will just have to get creative and have a new plan to display all the beautiful ornaments…xox Judy❤️

  3. I’ve also been putting off “winterizing” the garden for as along as possible but this weekend we decided that we had to take the plunge and either cover or put away all our more delicate plants, pots and statuary (most purchased from you Judy🥰!). I’ve left my geraniums and petunias in place for the moment because they’re still giving so much colour and the Creeping Jenny planted with them is a gorgeous auburn colour. We planted a little boxwood (named him Bertram🥰😂!) this summer so I was wanting your expert opinion Judy….should I put some burlap around “him”? I’m totally in holiday mode as well Judy and can’t wait to bring out all the beautiful decorations I’ve bought from you over the years🥰. Hugs, Karen xo😘

    1. Hi Karen, Wow…you still have petunias! That is truly amazing. Climate change has wrecked such havoc all over the world, it’s (almost) difficult to revel in the extended autumn season we have so enjoyed. After last winter with all the rain we had, it really makes you wonder what this winter will bring. I would wrap Bertram in burlap just to be safe. I have always wrapped my boxwood and have rarely lost any. Happy Halloween, xox Judy❤️

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