A Different Perspective…



I mentioned some time ago that I was gifted a four-season package of drone garden photos.  Somehow the summer slipped by, and no photos were taken, but on October 19, the first photo shoot happened. Although the garden wasn’t as far along into its fall colour show as I had hoped, I was concerned I might miss the window if a strong wind came along and blew off all the elm tree leaves.  As it happened,  the following day, we had a wind storm that sent many leaves flying down the road!


Now that I see my garden from above, I realize it’s not as symmetrical as I thought, especially around the raised beds in the back.    Next spring/summer, I plan to remove the grass and add a paving stone border along the existing walkways…possibly a low perennial border parallel to the boxwood hedges.  The raised beds can not be moved, but I may be able to trick the eye…and the camera!

As the snow starts to fall, the plans begin for next spring!

xox Judy

10 thoughts on “A Different Perspective…”

    1. Thank you Cathy, our little angels did make an appearance in the rose garden, however, with just the tops of their heads showing they are hard to make out. xox Judy❤️

  1. I absolutely love your yard!! It’s giving me lots of ideas. Enjoy your planning for next year and thank you for sharing the beauty.

    1. Thank you Joyce…Im sure your garden is a wonder from the “bird’s eye view”. Isn’t it amazing how we barely get the garden tools put away and we are already thinking of next year? Happy daydreaming…xox Judy❤️

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