Although I do have strong political opinions, I have not wanted to go there on this forum, however,  what we are witnessing is a humanitarian issue that can’t be ignored.  The unprovoked attack on Ukraine should be a wake up call for all of us.  How can this be happening again?

It’s heartbreaking to see the Ukrainian people standing alone against an unhinged dictator with a heavily armed military sprawling out throughout their country.  Seeing pregnant women huddled in a hospital basement, young women comforting their children in subway shelters, and older women collecting supplies and building molotov cocktails.  Lineups miles long to flee the country and brave, under equipped men facing an enemy head on, in frigid temperatures.  Is this 2022?  The Ukranian people are to be admired for their strength and resistance against all odds.

I have no doubt this quote from the President Zelenskyy (when offered safe passage out of Ukraine) will be highlighted in history books in years to come:

Would I have the courage to stand up for my country?  Could I pick up arms and fight in the face of adversity?  I don’t know… would you, could you?

Will the worldwide collective positive energy channelled to Ukraine be enough for a miraculous David and Goliath ending…

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6 thoughts on “Courage…”

  1. It is horrifying to see this evil perpetrated by one madman on innocent victims. Let this man made tragedy bring the world together to fight against evil. Zelenskyy is a hero for saying to Biden, he doesn’t “need a ride.” Think positive for the Ukrainian people.

  2. I couldn’t agree more Judy!!! He is pure EVIL 😡and it’s a completely horrific and sickening situation. I feel so much sadness and rage at the same time over this disgusting violence. An article in the news yesterday described how innocent children in an oncology ward were having to deal with the horrors of war on top of everything they’re dealing with. What is wrong with the world???? Please let the goodness in humans prevail over the bad and conquer the evil in people like him so that we will have that David and Goliath ending. xo❤️ Karen

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