Unfinished Business…

                    Après CC on Whyte Online Boutique

The Pandemic has impacted all of us…differently.  But, in the end, I’m sure we can all agree that it hasn’t been great.

For me, all the restrictions and lockdowns  meant the disappointment of switching gears from having a “brick and mortar” pop-up store to having an online boutique.  Without prodding from my family, I probably would have just given up completely and missed the opportunity to have a proper send off for CC on Whyte.

In 2015, CC on Whtye closed its door for good…I thought.  I wasn’t ready to let go of a dream job (more of a hobby actually) and this “unfinished business” was a nagging presence that sat at the back of my mind.   The Après CC on Whyte Blog was up online (again with a LOT of help from my family) and I was happy to connect with “my people”… those who had been long time supporters of the store and new followers who had similar interests and lifestyles.  At one time I had considered doing a subscription box in conjunction with the Blog but decided I didn’t want to commercialize the site.

On November 29, 2019, I wrote a blog post titled, “Pop-up retail…” and then on January 24, 2020, I wrote another post titled, “Off to market…”.  This was the beginning of a new life for CC on Whyte.  It was necessary, however, because of the pandemic, to change my initial vision, but in the end everything worked out just as it should.

Some Instagram photos of the online boutique…

In August 2020 when I placed my orders for the first holiday season of the online boutique, there was slim pickings for inventory.  Shutdowns at factories was causing a depletion of stock in warehouses all over the world.  Thankfully,  I still had strong relationships with my suppliers and together we managed to put together a small collection of goods.  Initially it was going to be just a “one time only” project, but in early 2021 it became clear that the pandemic hadn’t finished wreaking havoc just yet.  Being stuck at home with a lot of time on my hands, I decided to give it another shot.  In spite of placing my orders early, the production and delivery of goods was once again iffy throughout 2021, therefore I had to be satisfied with an incomplete collection while still being grateful for what I was able to get.

More photos of the online boutique…


Having the online boutique was a gift…for me.  I had the pleasure of inviting you into my life again, your visits to the greenhouse meant so much more to me than you will ever know.  I found closure.

Because of all your support, the inventory is all but gone and the online boutique has run its course.  I feel richer and fulfilled for the experience…thank you for that.


Now that I have let CC on Whyte go, (both mentally and emotionally), it’s time to think about what’s next.  That “whatever it is” hasn’t come to me yet, but I’m “open” for the next adventure.

A friend recently forwarded me an article about not letting the “old man (woman)” into our being.  That was the exact message I needed to hear that day!

I encourage you all to be “open” to what could be…

xox Judy

























2 thoughts on “Unfinished Business…”

  1. What an interesting journey you are on Judy. I admire your passion for making life beautiful, and thank you for sharing this passion through your blog and stores.
    I believe creatives always have “unfinished business.” So, for selfish reasons, I hope there are many more chapters in retail and your blog to come.

  2. Hi Karen, Thank you for kindness and support. Local business can only survive in a community that appreciates the efforts of entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks that often don’t yield huge profits. As they say, “It takes a village”. xox Judy❤️

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