As the world turns…

I remember my mom watching the soap opera, “As The World Turns.” It aired at 1:00 pm, just as I would be heading back to school after the lunch break. I’m sure she couldn’t wait for her kids to get out of her hair to enjoy a few minutes of escape in her otherwise hectic day.

A soap opera storyline tends to move very slow, unlike the reality of current events.  The crisis in Ukraine escalates at warp speed and the death and destruction are so far beyond what any soap opera writer would imagine.


The juxtaposition between the war in Ukraine and Paris Fashion Week (PFW) could not be starker.  This year PFW (February 8-March 8) coincided with Russia’s attack on Ukraine.  The past two years during the pandemic, fashion shows were presented to an empty house or to only a select few spectators. There was such excitement and anticipation leading up to PFW considering that the shows would once again have a live audience with buyers, celebrities and the lucky few who received a much-coveted ticket to attend.  The world would have the first look at what will influence our wardrobes this coming fall and winter.

To many, fashion is frivolous and not taken seriously.  For others, it’s their world…their daily bread!  I sit in the middle of that spectrum.  As a teenager, I loved sewing and I would often stop at a fabric store on my way home from school, whip up a dress that evening and wear it to school the next day. Seventeen magazine was my bible…I loved everything about fashion…the clothes, and the hair and makeup trends.  I dreamt of  becoming a fashion designer and  moving to New York or Paris after high school.

I admire the creativity that fashion presents.   Fashion trends not only affect what we wear, it dictates how we decorate our homes, how we market and advertise products, what colour our cars are, etc. etc.  If you saw the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”, you will remember the blistering lecture Miranda (Meryl Streep) gave to Andrea (Anne Hathaway) about a designer’s use of ceruleon blue and how that choice impacted fashion for years to come.



Many fashion houses and retailers have temporarily closed shops and online sales in Russia.   Hermes was the first to suspend sales, soon followed by Chanel and LMVH. Collectively, major fashion brands have pledged millions in aid to Ukraine. In solidarity with Ukraine, Stella McCartney closed her Paris fashion show with the anti-war song by John Lennon, “Give Peace a Chance”.






The view from my window, as I write this post, is a full-on blizzard…while the sun is shining!   Is the world still turning or is it upside down?

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  1. So beautiful and touching Judy. To me it really does feel like the world is shattered.
    On the bright side though, your final quote is so true. and gives us hope.

    P.S. Thanks for evoking the happy memories of stacks of Seventeen magazines, soap operas, and walking home from school for a lunch prepared by Mom. Makes my day!

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