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On October 1, I will be launching the second season of the Après CC on Whyte Online Boutique.  This year I have set up a “mini” showroom in the greenhouse with the hope of giving interested shoppers an opportunity to stop by to view everything that is on the website.

As you know, the production and delivery of goods have not improved over the past year.  In some cases, it’s gotten worse.

Many wholesalers had inventory in their warehouses in early 2020, but that supply became depleted over the past year, and new products have been slow to come in.


I thought this was only a problem for small, independent retailers. However, after spending several days last week personal shopping in Vancouver, it became evident that this is a universal problem…even the Chanel boutique hadn’t received any new inventory, and their shelves were bare.

In spite of the current retail wows, I’m happy that I have found new products in all categories to add to the website.

Thanks to the help and expertise of others, the online boutique has a new website that is much easier to navigate and has addressed the concerns you expressed last year. Although most of the inventory is now on the site, there are a few orders still trickling in and will be made available as soon as they are unpacked.  You can access the website through the blog or at:


If you would like to book an appointment to visit the greenhouse in person during the month of October, please email me directly at




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