Entrez s’il vous plait…

While I was out walking Charlie, I noticed that my neighbours had the exterior of their house painted a sunny, golden colour. As I was admiring it,  I wondered, “what colour will they paint the front door?”

Further along into the walk, I noticed that another neighbour had a newly installed front door and garage doors,  both looking fabulous.  More and more, as I moved along, I realized that many front doors were either newly repainted or replaced. Was this a new trend in the neighbourhood?  And why haven’t I noticed this before?

Like (probably) many of you, when I travel, I love to check out the decorating style of that location.  If you have ever walked the streets of Paris, I’m sure you have marvelled at the beautifully painted doors that lead into the courtyard entrances of the apartment buildings.  These doors are old, beautifully crafted and carved, with layers upon layers of paint with a durable high gloss finish, in bright, bold hues or unexpected pastels. Clearly, the French are not afraid of colour, and perhaps this is a cheery way to combat the often drizzly, grey days, especially during the winter months.


I became curious about the people who lived behind the painted doors in my neighbourhood.  What does your front door tell passers-by about the people who reside there?  My front door is black (no surprise!)…what does that say about me?

I checked the internet for answers to my question and found this article by Home Adviser written July 2020.

Where I live, there are grey, cold, blizzard days too (although mostly clear blue skies even in the dead of winter).  With this in mind, is it time for me to consider a refresh of my front door?  Maybe this will give me something to ponder over the winter!

Also, after the past year (18 months) it may be time to lighten up, shed the darkness…

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8 thoughts on “Entrez s’il vous plait…”

  1. I absolutely love interesting doors! My kids think I’m nuts because I have random doors (all different shapes and sizes) in my basement. The two things I see with the doors posted are colour and architecture. Do you love your door’s design but have lost interest in the colour? Then paint it. If you no longer like the door or inherited it when the house was purchased and never did like it, then replace it. Find something unique. Make it yours!

    Many people in our neighbourhood have replaced their front door as well and surprisingly black is the common colour. Each door is a different design and they all look fabulous!

    1. Hi Joyce, Like you, lI ove doors…and painted ones in particular. When we moved into this house, I painted the existing door a lovely shade of green…I had it colour matched to a blade of grass. My new door has decorative iron between the glass and I went with the safe colour, black. I am seriously considering changing the colour…so many choices though! xox Judy❤️

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