A Starry Night

Last Sunday I was given a last-minute invitation to visit the “Imagine Van Gogh Immersive Exhibition” with a friend.  And what a treat it was!

The exhibit has been in my city over the summer and, although it was on my radar, I never followed through with getting tickets.  Van Gogh was never one of my favourite artists, but like many of you, I was familiar with much of his work, but

Being immersed in a Van Gogh painting is almost psychedelic…not that I have ever had a psychedelic (drug-induced) experience! The colours are brilliant, the magnified brush strokes so bold you can almost feel them and the energy palpable.  With blurred boundaries, the image is everywhere, all around and below!  You are walking through Van Gogh’s “starry night“.

The concept and technology behind the exhibit are beyond creative. The paintings are projected on huge screens, continuously moving from one image to the next.  Parts of a painting are revealed, showing it in a whole new light…is this how Van Gogh imagined it?  The music that accompanies the showing is so moving, adding another layer of appreciation.  Being part of a Van Gogh dreamworld was mesmerizing and I loved it!




Over 200 images of Van Gogh’s paintings are included in this exhibit.  I was thrilled to see my favourite, “Cafe Terrace at Night” when it flashed on the screen.  This painting evokes a happy memory from many years ago while in Nice.

“A Starry Night” was painted in 1889. The view was from a window in the room where Van Gogh stayed while institutionalized in Saint- Remy- de- Provence.  It’s truly amazing that a few well-placed lines on a canvass can become a masterpiece.

Most of Van Gogh’s life was racked with poor mental health.  If only he could know what has become of his work and the love people have for it.

We had a lovely dinner after visiting the exhibit and upon leaving the restaurant, we caught a glimpse of the almost full harvest moon.  The sky was dark and clear with the promise of a starry night to come…

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8 thoughts on “A Starry Night”

  1. That sounds spectacular Judy! I’ve always preferred Monet to Van Gogh but I must admit that I have always loved “Cafe Terrace At Night” as well. It’s heartbreaking to think how unwell he must have been and probably suffered a great deal and yet how much pleasure he has given to so many through his paintings. If only he had known how much he would have been appreciated even to this day! The music must have made it quite an emotional experience. So glad you had a lovely evening! Hugs, Karen xo😘

  2. Hi Karen…you may be in luck. I understand that there is a Monet Immersive Exhibit. Let’s hope it comes to Edmonton. I can only imagine how incredible the “Water Lilly” series would be in this format! xox Judy❤️

  3. Oh that would be wonderful Judy!!! Thank you so much for letting me know…I’ll certainly keep an eye out for it. You’re right, the Water Lilly series would be amazing! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

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