Summer 2021…


How was your summer?  Good, I hope.  Mine, as I had expected was busy…not in the garden, but running after a busy, curious, mischievous puppy.  Charlie loves the garden…digging in the garden and eating the plants in the garden best of all!  The yard looks like a doggy daycare!


More importantly, after a year of little or no socializing, this summer we were able to get the family back together to celebrate all the special occasions that were missed over the past 18 months.  We also entertained friends and neighbours.  The weather, although unbearably hot, dry and windy all summer long,  cooperated and the long (late) evenings reconnecting with the special people in my life was magical.  I sensed the same need in everyone to catch up, to actually see and be with each other.


Having a puppy meant that we spent the summer at home, mostly outdoors.  The house training is coming…not a quick as I had hoped (probably unrealistically).  We ate outdoors, breakfast, lunch and dinner more times this summer than all the 20 years combined that we have lived in this house, in spite of the dreaded wasps that hovered over the table all the time.  

This summer was unlike any other (for me) mostly because the garden really was not a priority…and it shows.  Next week I will talk more about what actually happened in the garden, but for now, I just wanted to say, “hi” and that I have missed hearing from you.  I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend, the last hurrah of summer.

xox Judy











9 thoughts on “Summer 2021…”

  1. Missed your blog, and I’m so happy you’re back Judy! I will take Charlie, the umbrella and the table cloth please! When can I pick up?
    Funny, I was just thinking a few days ago, “I wonder when Judy will be back, and her online store open again?” And ta da there you are. Looking forward to your shop, as I am going to start my Christmas shopping earlier than normal this year. With the Fall fast approaching, and the Covid number’s potentially increasing even more, I’m afraid the retail stores may be in a sad state of affairs by the time November rolls around. I hope I’m wrong, but …
    Had a fair summer, but the extreme heat seemed to stunt some of the flowering plants, and I had some plants that just didn’t bloom until 2 or 3 weeks ago.

  2. Hi Karen, I will warn you, Charlie is a handful…but I’m keeping her anyway! I bought that tablecloth in Paris many, many years ago. It’s so stained now but it comes out every summer anyway. And the umbrella I have had for a long time too and my idea was to hopefully keep the wasps away from the drinks table. I’m not sure it helped but I did try… The heat was the topic of conversation for the summer. I can’t wait for fall to really kick in and I’ll be back to my old self again…to breath cool, fresh air. I agree that retail may be in for another difficult season based on the bits and pieces that are coming in from the orders I placed last January. The prices are up and shipping is almost double in some cases. Who would have guessed this is the situation we would still be in. Happy to hear from you again❤️

  3. Charlie is absolutely adorable, and so cute I think I could forgive her any fault! How could I not know you have an on-line store? Info please…..

  4. Hi Carolee, I hope you had a great summer. I agree, that cute, little, face garantees that Charlie gets a free pass for everything! For many years I had a brick and mortar retail store but was forced into an early retirement because my landlord wanted my space to extend her cafe. Last year I decided to do an online seasonal store just over the fall-Christmas season. I will do the same this year, hopefully by the end of September or early October. We are just working on a new website for the online boutique and I will do a blog post when it is ready to launch. Great to hear from you❤️.

  5. Hi Karen, I’m happy you found the bulbs you wanted. I planted my alliums in October last year. I have ordered a few more this year and I hope to get them in the ground before it gets too cold. Ideally we find a bright sunny day in October just before the snow flies! Good luck❤️

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