This past weekend was the official kick-off for Summer 2021, and what a difference a year makes! Finally, there seems to be something to look forward to…like seeing friends and family again, eating out in restaurants and possibly even travelling.   What could be better?

The onset of Summer 2021 will bring excitement to our home.  This is  Charlie!  She is the puppy that will be coming home with us in just a few days.  We are thrilled that our first choice was still available when it was our turn to pick from the puppies left after the first three were taken.  According to the breeder, Charlie has a sweet temperament (fingers crossed, that’s true!) and has the thickest, curliest coat of her littermates.


I will be spending my summer training Charlie.  Rules and obedience are not too important in our house (although I would be thrilled if she came when I called her!), but I do want to get the potty training off to a good start.

And we are all set!


I will look forward to “catching up” with you again in September.  As our worlds open up, there will be more to talk about.  I’ll admit that it’s been tricky finding new topics to write about (in this forum) when our daily lives have had so many limitations.  It will be so good to get out into the world and really start living again…something I’m sure we will never take for granted again.



Wishing you blue skies and long happy days!

Summertime and the living is easy…


xox Judy❤️






















4 thoughts on “Summer…”

  1. Enjoy the fruits of your labor in your yard over the summer, and your beautiful Charlie! Will miss reading your blog, but will look forward to hearing from you in the Fall.

    1. Hi Karen, Thank you for following along on the weekly journey. I hope you have had time to spend in your garden and, if so, I’m sure it’s looking amazing. Have a wonderful summer xox Judy❤️

  2. Hi Judy, Congratulations on little Charlie!! She’s absolutely adorable!!! Doodles are eager to learn, nice to train and really do have a beautiful temperament so I’m sure you’ll find that she catches on really well. I’ll miss reading your posts but will look forward to hearing about how Charlie and your garden are both doing once September arrives. Take care, stay safe and have a wonderful summer….and enjoy all those puppy cuddles🐶❤️

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