Charlie in charge…

Charlie is our fifth dog, yet I feel like a first-time dog owner most of the time! All of our previous dogs were Bearded Collies, and although their personalities were very different and distinct from each other, some traits ran deep within the breed.  First off, they were easy to train, bright and caught on quickly to whatever I wanted to teach them. Despite their “bouncy” personalities, they were sensitive and intuitive.

I’m not saying that Charlie isn’t bright, lovable, adorable, sweet and fun (she is all those things, and more)…I’m just saying that she is very busy, strong-willed, and confident with a mind of her own…all good qualities that you want for your puppy. Is it possible I may have forgotten what it’s like to have a puppy?


Charlie has been my shadow all summer.  If I’m bent over weeding or planting, she’s underfoot with her nose to the ground, and if she’s lucky, she has managed to run away with whatever tools I’m using.

The roses have been chewed off before they’d had a chance to show off, the hydrangeas have been tugged on, and thankfully the planters are a bit too tall for her to jump in…something she has tried to do all summer.


Charlie is as scruffy as all our other dogs were.  After a summer of running through the garden, digging up the grass, and rolling in the dirt, it’s time for a bath and grooming that I know will not go over well!

Fall and winter spent mostly indoors will not be near as much fun!

xox Judy











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  1. Judy, our Benny was the same. In the hiuse we had her on light leash to discipline her. I tought I would give up on her after having 5 dogs in my life, but she has changed after 8 months. She used to run in the house on the sofa, off the sofa, scratch the leather, jump and nip us: hands and ankles. Now she is a loving dog, still with a mind of her own, but with little treats she will listen to any command. Unfortunately, she chases cars, bike, joggers, and skateboards, so she has never been off leash. She used to dig in the yard and eat plants, but not any more. She has neve chewed up anything in the house. She plays only with her toys.she loves her blankie she carries around, plush teddy, and a lacy ball. Still jumps at peaple to greet and kisses.

  2. Hi Eva, It sounds like we have “sisters” from another mother! It’s good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that once you get there it is so worth it!❤️

  3. Benny was crate trained, so she loves her crate at night, and we can always leave her there during the day when we go out without her.

  4. Charlie is absolutely adorable Judy🥰🐶! Having a puppy is like having a baby and having a young dog is like having a toddler….and both can be exhausting! As exhausting as it is to train them, consistency really is the key and I’m sure you’ll notice a significant change in her behaviour over time. After a while it won’t feel like a battle of wits! I feel like Cooper really changed significantly and matured every 6 months. It was as if he hit different milestones this way and his “bounciness” really did decrease by leaps and bounds, especially by the 2 year mark. They are really smart and capable of so much but, as you said, very strong-willed. Cooper will respond to hand signals alone now if I choose because I paired them with the oral commands when training him (Twilla is amazing)….something I would never have believed possible when he was in the early stages of training. He is such a great little guy who is well-behaved now and loves nothing more than cuddling in and falling asleep on my lap…all 40lbs of him. Another bonus is that he’s the only male in the house who doesn’t wear earbuds and actually listens to me… when I call out “everyone come through for dinner”….guess who’s first in line🤣? Big hugs to you and Charlie xo😘

  5. Hi Karen…It’s so encouraging to hear that “calm” may be around the corner. I agree that every month or so there is improvement. In fairness to these little puppies, they need to get to know their humans too. Like children, they will try to get away with as much as possible if they can! Happily, the house training has turned a corner. I am very happy about that…Charlie now has the run of the house, however, there are a lot of closed doors to rooms that she would love to get into trouble in. Silence is not a desirable sound in our house. xoxJudy❤️

  6. Oh Judy, If only you could see this as “fun” You are so lucky to have a “baby” to keep YOU on your toes. So lucky too that she likes her kennel. I am watching at a distance, with awe, your persistence and love and time you are putting into your doggy. It brings back so many memories of Fergus, although I think he came partially trained. And we did go to doggy training school. My love and luck to you.

  7. Hi Rhonda, I agree that we are lucky to have a puppy to keep us on our toes, and mostly to share our home with us providing hours of entertainment and when she tires herself out she is very sweet and cuddly. Today we are off to the groomers…I’m hoping that goes well!❤️

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