Mother’s Day

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This will be the first Mother’s Day that I will not have my mom here to celebrate with.  Her birthday was always close to or on Mother’s day…this year she would have been celebrating her 90th birthday.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is always that person in your life who you can count on to answer the questions that pop up in everyday circumstances.  When I saw this quote (above), I thought this is exactly something I would have asked my mom.  She had more common sense than anyone I know.  Had she lived in another lifetime, she could have been called, “Helen, the Medicine Women”.  When my young children were sick,  I didn’t call the doctor, I called my mom and when they slammed their finger in a car door or fell and scraped their knees I didn’t rush off to the ER, we went to see my mom who calmly fixed them up.  I, unfortunately, didn’t inherit any of that DNA.

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My mom and I had very different taste in music, fashion and home decor, but we did share a love of gardening and flowers… especially roses.  As I have been working in my garden over the past couple of weeks,  I’ve thought of her often.

This is a photo of a “Mister Lincoln” hybrid tea rose which was one of her favourites.  I will plant one in my rose garden this Mother’s Day in her memory.

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I always remember my mom commenting on how the leaves of trees were just about to unfurl around Mother’s Day.  As if, on cue, the leaves on my hedges and some of my shrubs are about to pop in spite of snow being on the ground just a few weeks ago.  It’s a reminder that life goes on…

For all the mothers out there I wish you a lovely Mother’s Day.  It will be hard for many of you who are still in isolation and separated from your families, but if you’ve figured out how to Zoom, (good luck with that!) it may be the second-best way to connect.

xox, Judy

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day”

  1. The first Mother’s Day without your Mom is the hardest of all…..their absence is felt like a thousand cuts to your heart. You had 89 years with her……what an incredible gift. I still miss my Mom every day but the memories live on in everything I do, feel and say. I’m sure it will be the same for you.
    Happy Mother’s Day Judy……………♥

    1. Hi Carol, Thank you for sharing your memories. I wonder…did you get your gift of design from your mom? If so, she too was very talented! xox Judy

  2. Judy, from mother to mother, I wish you all the best and hope there will come a day when we can hug and kiss our kids again. The roses in the photo are beautiful.

    1. Hi Eva, I’m sure you are missing that connection you usually have with your son. The day we can all get together again can not come soon enough. Happy Mother’s Day xox Judy

  3. Hi Bonnie, Thank you…I’m sure you will be missing your mom this weekend too. I hope you will have the opportunity to spend some time with your children this weekend. Happy Mother’s Day xox Judy

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