Social Distancing…

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Social and distance are two words with opposite meanings that usually don’t get mentioned in the same sentence. I know social distancing was a phrase completely foreign to my personal lexicon!

As the weeks go by, I’m sure you are like me, you’re missing your old lifestyle, your friends, your family, and your freedom to move about doing your daily errands.  It’s hard to believe I miss going to the grocery store, and on some days I look for an excuse to get into the car and go for a drive.  As the days go by, regional areas are either near their peak, plateaued or on the decline.  The good news is if we follow the guidelines, it’s possible our isolation will be relieved…at least a bit.

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As we cautiously step back into society, we enter a new normal.  We won’t know exactly how that will look until we get there, but I’m guessing we’ll have a greater appreciation for the people and all the little things that made our daily lives complete.

Stay safe,

xox Judy

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