The Waiting Game…

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Experienced gardeners know that Nature works on her own schedule.  Impatient gardeners (like me), think we can manipulate our gardens to run on our timelines, and often we find out the hard way, that we don’t possess magical powers.  Waiting for the weather to warm up, the wind to die down, the frosty overnight temperatures to subside, the greenhouses to bring in our favourite plants…patience is a virtue some of us need to acquire!


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Along with cleaning up leaves and debris and pruning out dead wood or overgrown shrubs, this is the time to level pots that have shifted and amend with fresh soil and compost.  It’s also a good time to reimagine garden spaces with new plantings and accessories.

The square containers that have have been tucked in the diamond pattern of the boxwood hedges for the past couple of years are the right scale and colour, but I’ve always felt the style is too contemporary for my garden design.  I’ve replaced the square planters with two containers I had flanking the greenhouse side doors.  After spray painting them black, I’m happy with the transformation, and the new look is more suitable…I think.

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Although there are hints and a promise of new growth on many trees, perennial shrubs and flowers, there are still many more bare branches.  There is, however, one bright spot in the peony garden. I was so excited to see this peony (photo was taken May 12) that is weeks ahead of all its cousins in the same flower bed.




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Chaos reigns during the best of times and now especially so in this time of a “new normal”. Finding peace and calm isn’t always easy.

My happy place is in the garden.  Where is yours?

xox Judy

10 thoughts on “The Waiting Game…”

  1. Looking good Judy, especially the peonies, which are one of my favourites, I admire people who know how to garden and grow things. My Dad was a farmer and I never paid enough attention to learn anything about gardening from him. I was too busy designing clothes for my dolls.

  2. Good Morning Judy…..I have to smile as prior to reading your Blog this morning the first thing I did was check on my plant that I left outside for a couple of days! Yes the Waiting Game , it seems I have little patience in this regard! As you know I planted seedlings in March, they are pleading with me to let them outside, I gave into one….hope it survives! Your garden will be glorious when the waiting game is over! The peony buds would certainly have me jumping for joy…..

    1. Hi Catherine, I’m sure your garden will be exceptional too! I agree that the seedlings are desperate to find a permanent home. Have a great weekend in your outdoor paradise.

  3. Hi Judy
    I wait in anticipation with you! I as well have been hauling things in & out and awaiting the winds to die and warmth to finally begin. I along with you await your peony’s to open… one of my favs as well!

    1. Hi Debra, That hauling in and out can be tedious…it’s amazing how attached we get to our little plants. Hopefully, this weekend will bring the conditions we need to plant outdoors. Have a good time in the garden.

  4. I love the planter change from square to Victorian. The contrast of shapes between the diamond pattern of the boxwood and the roundness of the new planters provides a really nice contrast. They’ll be beautiful filled with plants. Would love to see it later in the season. You can probably guess that my happy place is also my garden. Always changing and growing. And beautiful peonies! You may not be able to cook in the kitchen (Not yet convinced of that though) but you sure can in the garden!

    1. Hi Joyce, Thank you for the vote of confidence on the planter switch! I know how much you love the time you spend in your garden and I can only imagine the glorious additions you’ve added in the past couple of years. Enjoy the long weekend!

  5. Hello Judy,
    Yes, this time of year is akin to waiting for the water to boil. Can’t believe your peony plant. Mine are just starting to poke out through the ground. I was so anxious for the stores to open, but now that they have started to, I’m busy patching lawn, trimming out dead wood, transplanting, and potting – and watching things break through the ground. Heavenly work!
    Looking forward to pictures when your gardens are in full bloom Judy!

    1. Hi Karen, I was out today and things are looking up…could be a perfect weekend to get plants in the ground. I have been to a few greenhouses but you need lots of patience with the lineups. Everyone seems to be anxious to get outdoors and in their gardens. Happy planting.

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