Pause…or proceed

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Has Coronavirus put us all on pause?  Conventions and tradeshows are cancelled, museums and schools are closed, and travel plans changed due to routing closures.  We’ve been advised to avoid large gatherings of people.  The pandemic is impacting the whole world, threatening the global economy.

Japan may have to cancel or postpone the Olympics which would be heartbreaking for a country that has spent billions preparing to showcase Tokyo to the world and the athletes who have spent hours training to become their best.

We’ve all watched as the world markets plunge down, down then rebound days later only to collapse again.  I wonder, what does it all mean? When history writes this chapter what will be its theory on who, what, where, when, and why?

Is this a message from the universe that we are not isolated…that there are forces much stronger than mankind?  The world is much smaller now than years ago when people didn’t travel from one country to the next on a regular basis.  This should be a reminder that as a species we are only as strong as our weakest link.

I’ll admit to pressing the “pause” button myself.  We’ve planned to go to California next week for an extended holiday.  As the Coronavirus cases multiply in almost every state en route we have given serious thought as to whether we should go or not.  Because we bring our dog along with us, we drive taking 3-4 days to reach our destination.

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After careful consideration, doing the best to minimize our risk, our plan is to “proceed” to California knowing that blue skies, fresh air and long walks on the beach, are the best medicine after a long winter.

The blog posts may be sporadic until the end of April, but my intention is to stay in touch.  Happy and healthy Spring to all.

xox Judy



4 thoughts on “Pause…or proceed”

  1. Judy we just got back from there i feel u will be just fine! Enjoy your time away and once u get close to the ocean u will forget about all the worries in our world ❤️.
    Tell me where u go again?

  2. Hi Tina, We planned to go to La Jolla, but yesterday we decided not to go…we are back on “pause” again. It’s disappointing, but in the end, we think we are making the best decision. I’m not keen on being quarantined in the US. We are taking our dog, and that just wouldn’t work. I just got back from the greenhouse and now I’ve switched gears and I’m in full gardening mode!

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