“Call me Mrs. Darcy” …

It’s been a Jane Austen trifecta for me this week and what better way to spend my time?   Sunday was the finale of “Sanditon“, a Masterpiece Theatre (PBS) adaptation of an unfinished manuscript by Austen and on Monday I went with friends to see “Pride and Prejudice” (the 2011 Hollywood version) for a one night only viewing at a local VIP theatre. Before the movie began, “Emma“, another Jane Austen classic, was previewed and it looks like another “must-see”.  It has opened in limited release and will be coming to most theatres in March.

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Jane Austen’s books sit prominently on a shelf in my bookcase.  I can’t tell you how many times these books have been my constant companions.  Although they were written over 200 years ago, the core plot never gets old.  Yes, the language and manners are very proper, but the relationships, love stories, and the emotional rollercoaster rides are comparable to those of today.  Considering Jane Austen died young (41),  was never married (she was engaged for a short time), and I’ll assume she did not have many romantic relationships, it speaks to her incredible imagination that she was able to write such elaborate, colourful storylines.

If movie directors/producers decided to do a modern-day version (complete with current fashion and sets) of any of these classics, I believe the movie would be relevant for all romantics in today’s society.

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The last time I was in London I hired a driver to take my niece and me out to the countryside to visit Stonehenge, Winchester, Downton Abbey, and a quick drive-by Windsor Castle.

Above are photos of the home in Winchester where Jane Austen lived at the time of her death and Winchester Cathedral where she was buried.  Seeing both of these historical sites was a highlight for me and surreal to walk in her footsteps.

Although a Hollywood screenwriter has taken some (a lot!) liberty with Jane Austen’s words, I do love the last scene in this movie version of Pride and Prejudice.  It goes as follows:


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I  never use the title “Mrs.” before my own surname…but there would be one exception to this rule.  You may call me…

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