Is it Spring yet…

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I’m starting to feel like kids do after a long road trip…are we there yet?  And by there I mean Spring.


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The days are getting longer, the sky may be blue and the sun shining through the window is warm, but after the temperatures plummeted and the snow fell this past weekend, Nature once again lets us know who really is in charge.

Seed catalogues arrive almost weekly tempting me to rearrange my garden completely … I’ve actually been redoing my beds (in my head) during the dark hours of night!   I’m hoping the seeds I ordered last fall will show up in the mail soon so that I can get an early start on the annuals.  The problem now is drudging through the snow drifts to the greenhouse.  That is a real workout!  The furnace in there has to be cranked up almost for the full day which should tell me that it really is too early to start planting.

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I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit on my computer this week going through garden videos. Last year a friend (who also loves to garden) mentioned this youtube channel to me and I soon became hooked.  It’s called “Garden Answer“, by Laura LeBoutillier and her husband, Aaron. They are a young couple who moved into an older home situated on 2 acres of land in Ontario, Oregon.  The garden was quite overgrown and over the past five years they have replaced trees, extended garden beds as well as tackled many hardscaping projects.  The picture above is from a formal area in their garden called “Versailles” .   Their garden is in zone 5 which is just slightly higher than mine so I’ve found the content helpful and have been encouraged to try some new things.

If you are longing for green you may want to check out “Garden Answer“.  ***warning…it’s addictive!

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Although I love winter, I’m ready for the mercury to rise and the snow to melt.    Like this squirrel, I’m wondering how much longer we have to wait for spring.  I can’t wait to get out into the greenhouse and plant the 100’s of seeds I ordered last fall.

Do you have spring fever too?







4 thoughts on “Is it Spring yet…”

  1. Yes Yes Judy I’m suffering as well! I have a few plants that I’ve wintered and they’re starting to poke their little green heads through! I definitely have the bug and have like you already started planning! Tulips are available at the grocery stores and they will hold me over for awhile…

    Here’s to planning and planting!

  2. Thank u for the you tube suggestion i will for sure check it out! I am too thinking of Spring ! With the continue of the melting and dripping it is just around the corner! I have kept a geranium inside all winter and im hoping it will bloom for me this year and i cannot wait to se if my Blue Himalayan Blue Poppies survived our winter!!!

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