Switching gears…

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Today we were supposed to be halfway to our final destination in California for a month of sun, sea and miles of glorious sand.  Instead, I’m looking out the window of the cafe at a dreary sky with the odd snowflake drifting by.


Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 8.13.25 AMAfter all that talk last week about proceeding despite the Coronavirus, we changed our minds about going.  As the days go by and the situation is getting worse, not better, I’m confident we made the right decision.  Yes, it’s disappointing after months of planning and anticipation, but that’s just the way things go sometimes…right?

Now Spring can’t come soon enough.  I’ve switched gears, and I’m now anxious to get into the garden.  Until the weather improves, however,  I’m content to start the Spring cleaning indoors.  This week that meant painting bedrooms and cleaning up all the dust bunnies that hibernate behind and under the furniture for the winter.

Hope you are all staying healthy and looking forward to sunnier days ahead.

xox Judy



10 thoughts on “Switching gears…”

  1. Likely a good idea Judy. Looks like I’ll be cancelling my Island trip too. Stay well.

  2. Sad that you didn’t get to go on your trip, but worse if you arrived and then couldn’t get back home! You are more ambitious than I…painting bedrooms. I keep saying I will clean closets, but I find myself reaching for another book or seed catalog. We’re having our 2nd sunny day in a row. Can’t recall the last time that has happened! I’m going to go out and watch the honeybees in the crocus instead of basketball!

  3. Hi Carolee, Cleaning closets is not my favourite thing to do either, especially when you can go outdoors and see what new surprises may be poking out in your garden. Hopefully, you have nothing but sunny days ahead!

  4. Good decision, Judy. We are also focusing on spring cleaning and hoping for the warmer temperatures and spring. We are sorry your trip didn’t happen, but it is safer that way. Take care, Eva & Don

  5. Disappointing as it is, I’m sure you’re going to be very happy with your change of plans. It’s better to be safe close to home and I’m sure your family is also relieved to have one less thing to worry about as well. Get those bedrooms painted and you’ll be off to California another day. Stay well!

    1. Hi Joyce, I’m sure you are also anxious to get out into your garden too and that you are planning something fabulous to add to an already beautiful environment!

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