Third time the charm?…

For those of you who were unable to open the photos from the last two posts, I will try one more time.  You can assume, rightly, that I don’t know what I’m doing, and the tech support team has left the building.  If you did see the first two rounds, I apologize and promise this is definitely the last time I bug you until after the summer.  xox Judy❤️


4 thoughts on “Third time the charm?…”

  1. You are NEVER bugging us Judy and some of these photos are different from the other ones so that now we can see La Bar Glasserie as well, especially in the second two. What an absolutely gorgeous retreat you’ve created!!! Is it me or do I hear Edith Piaf in the background😂? I’m blown away with what you’ve accomplished. Enjoy the rest of your summer and your beautiful French garden! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Thank you again, Karen…and yes, I hear French music. I love to play the soundtrack from “Something’s Gotta Give”. I never get tired of it. Have a fabulous summer, xox Judy❤️

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