The Drone Photos…one more time

It looks like I did something wrong…no surprise…this is technology, after all!  I heard from many of you that the photos did not come through on the blog…I will try to send them again.

xox Judy❤️


13 thoughts on “The Drone Photos…one more time”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I would have expected nothing less from you, our Edmonton beauty in Parisian style! Thank you for sharing.. xx

  2. Oh my gosh Judy, everything is absolutely gorgeous! It’s so lush, green and vibrant…and so symmetrical. I think you have created a new Parisian arrondissement🇫🇷 😂. You should write a book and have all your photos in it…I’d buy it in a heartbeat. You’ve worked so hard and it must be so rewarding to look at the results….absolutely incredible! Enjoy your beautiful oasis!!! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen, as always you are so generous in your comments! I am actually working towards creating a book on my garden…not to be published but of my garden transition through the four seasons. I don’t really have the computer skills to do this on my own so will have to rely on members of my family. I am always taking photos, mostly for the blog, but I would like to get them organized…somehow. Maybe this summer I will continue working on this project. Hope you are able to relax in your garden this summer too, xox Judy❤️

      1. That sounds wonderful Judy and it’ll be so lovely to see how your garden changes throughout the seasons! I can only imagine how many photos you’ve taken throughout the years but it’ll be so neat to see how your garden has changed throughout that time. Hugs, Karen xo❤️

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