Seeing green…




I may not be wearing green on this St. Patrick’s Day, but I am celebrating the beginning of Spring. 

Every year on March 17, I start my gardening season by planting cuttings and seedlings. It’s an easy date to remember, and the timing works out nicely with the last frost dates (hopefully) in our growing zone.


Over the winter, I’ve envisioned my garden containers overflowing with ivy and other lush trailing greenery. Creating this look will require many flats of plants.

In early February, a friend gifted me dozens of English Ivy cuttings. Ivy doesn’t root (in water) as quickly as spider plants, but they’re ready to be planted in potting soil in smallish pots. I may have to re-pot them before moving them into outdoor planters.

At the same time, I took about 50 “spiderette”  cuttings from a mother plant (in photo). In no time, there were multiple roots…these could have been potted up earlier, but I didn’t want to break with tradition.

***When rooting spider plants, it’s best to cut the spiderettes with at least five leaves over 2 inches long.


I have also planted alyssum seeds in keeping with the green and white colour scheme I aim for this garden season.



And just like magic, the alyssum seedlings pop out their heads after just four days, reaching for the sun.

It’s officially Spring!

xox Judy😎


6 thoughts on “Seeing green…”

  1. Your garden is going to be beautiful Judy and how rewarding to see the alyssum seedlings come up after only 4 days. You certainly have a “green” thumb. Once again you’ve motivated me to start some indoor planting so I’ll be ready when the last frost has left us. Hopefully, we won’t have too much longer to go! Hugs, Karen xo🥰

  2. Love the Jenny Uglow quote. Right now I am trying to “nurture” my two puppies to get along with each other. We adopted Willow’s brother on Friday. I think I need to move to a warmer climate where I can have a year round garden to keep me busy, and stop buying puppies.
    Your greenhouse must be spilling over with green already!

  3. Hi Karen, how exciting…two puppies, double the fun and double the trouble! I hope that the snow melts quickly so that the muddy situation in spring, always a puppy problem, is minimal! xox Judy❤️

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