Embracing the grey…

I stopped colouring my hair in 2016, about five years after I should have! My hair started going grey when I was in my thirties. Ultimately, it was a nightmare staying on top of the dreaded “skunk” line; my hair completely revolted by no longer holding the dye..it just washed away. It was a battle I could not win, and I was no longer willing to fight.

I recently heard the expression “embracing the grey” and wondered if I was “there” yet. No matter how old we are, most see ourselves as much younger than our actual age. Is this self-preservation???

We see our reflection in the mirror daily and don’t notice the subtle changes others undoubtedly see. This is until we see photos taken years ago; reality is not our friend! I’ve never been comfortable having my picture taken; I am always hiding. Perhaps I should have listened to my brother, who told me many years ago, “One day, you’ll wish you had your picture taken while you were young.”  No truer words were spoken!!!



Society automatically puts us (especially women)  in a different box if our hair is grey…the one that signifies we are longer young. Of course, no one is saying we’re old (thanks to political correctness), but it’s implied.

I believe it’s much easier to go grey now than in our mothers’ time. Their generation would have never considered wearing long hair. Often, it was tightly permed and worn close to their head…the brillo pad look. Today, many beautiful role models are grey, and model agencies are hiring mature women to represent our ageing population positively. So there may come a time when this age will no longer be invisible.

I’ve been watching “Daisy Jones and the Six” on Amazon Prime and loving the 1970s rock and roll vibe. When I saw this photo on Pinterest, I thought, “now, she (Jacky O’Shaughnessy) is a rockstar“. Maybe, just maybe, embracing the grey is possible…




Even if you aren’t lucky enough to be Irish, I wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a fun time sharing a good laugh with friends.

Sláinte (Cheers)!

xox Judy🍀

8 thoughts on “Embracing the grey…”

  1. Sláinte and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you as well Judy☘️! It’s so true how women are categorized based on their age, hair colour etc. no matter what our credentials are. Just look at Lisa LaFlamme! The fact that her boss would say “who told her she could LET her hair go grey?” just shows how women have to explain, defend, rationalize and, as is evident by this comment, be given permission as to why they want to go grey naturally…and then be punished for it! I think we should all embrace the Jackie O’Shaughnessy or Andie MacDowell in all of us💪👍😂! By the way Judy, you and your hair are a rockstar! Hugs, Karen xo🍀🥰

    1. Hi Karen, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! You certainly have a way with words! I agree with everything you said…and I’m sure George Clooney and Richard Gere have NEVER been questioned about their choice to go grey naturally! xox Judy🍀

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