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Before I went to London, the previews for “Mrs Harris Goes to Paris” flashed across my TV screen as a sign that I had to see this movie and, if possible, while I was in London.  That didn’t happen because it wasn’t in theatres yet, but shortly after my return, I saw it with a friend.

The movie plot is based on a novel written in 1958 by Paul Gallico, “Mrs Arris Goes to Paris.  Mrs Harris is a widowed cleaning lady from London who sees an haute couture Dior dress casually draped over a chair in the home of one of her clients and instantly falls in love.  She daydreams of having her own Dior dress and proceeds to make her dreams come true.



Lesley Manville is perfectly cast as Mrs Harris, someone many of us can relate to.   This light-hearted storyline is a fantasy of so many of us, and the escape from reality is so welcome…I hope you have all seen it or will see it.




By coincidence, Dior became “the designer” while we were in London.  The first day of the trip, we spent (trying to avoid the heat) in Harrods…the door we entered led us right into the in-store Dior Boutique. The handbags, scarves, jewellery…oh my, this was going well!  (I did treat myself to a little Dior something a day later at Selfridges).  Moving along, we entered the world of beauty…if you’ve been to Harrods, you will know the main floor is dominated by cosmetic counters, beautifully lit and displayed.  Our first stop was at Dior.  As we were spritzing the new fragrances in their collection, we were approached by Daniel, a very sweet young man who oozed enthusiasm for the brand.  Having just finished his training, he was eager to share everything he’d learned about Dior fragrances and cosmetics.  Before long, we were in makeup chairs, trying on new looks we both purchased.  This kind of service is rare these days…it was our own “Mrs Harris Goes to Paris” moment.

I’m always on the lookout for the “original” Miss Dior perfume, but, unfortunately, to no avail.  (Daniel did mention that I wasn’t the only one who longs for the return of this fragrance).  I did purchase the new “Miss Dior” Eau de Parfum with velvety notes of Lily of the Valley (one of Dior’s favourite flowers), Peony and Rose.  Unique to this latest edition is the couture bow tied around the neck of the bottle made of fine threads tightly woven to create a jacquard pattern in colours that represent the floral scents within.  This bottle also has the hound’s tooth pattern embossed into the glass.  This collection had the option to add personalized charms to the ribbon…of course, I had to do this, too ( a “J”, a “bee”, and a “heart”).  There was the possibility of having my name or initials engraved on the bottle; however, the machine was skipping in spots, and Daniel did not want to take a chance that the bottle would be ruined.

Travelling takes us out of our regular routine, and if we are willing to be carried away by new experiences, it can ignite all our senses.  We can bring home treasures for our homes, gardens or personal, and endless ideas and inspiration.   Whether it’s fashion, as on this trip (you may wonder what inspiration I got considering my all-black, everyday uniform...Monsieur Dior says it’s OK though!), or books, music, cooking (my daughter, who is an instinctive cook, brought home new ideas to incorporate into her daily meals…she didn’t inherit that gene from me!), or decorating…the list is infinite and free for the taking.

I know I said in the last post I wasn’t going to talk anymore about London, and I promise…this is it.

xox Judy










erfum and although it is not anything like the original it is a beautiful floral scent of

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  1. Sop apologizing about your London writings! I love them.

    It seems that every time I post a comment it asks me for my email. Annoying.

    1. Hi Donna, Thank you for taking the time to comment on the blog. It is so appreciated as I really have no other way of knowing what subjects the followers are interested in. I’m sorry that you are asked for your email address…I’m not a “techie” and have no idea why this is happening other than maybe the server you use is different than the wordpress server that the blog is sent out on. xox Judy❤️

  2. One of my all time favourite vintage perfumes is Shalimar. It still evokes the exotic and along with other favourites like Chanel No. 5, the fandom never fades. I’ve been wearing Boucheron for many years now but only for special occasions as “ scent free” zones seem de rigeur. I was verbally attacked in an Earl’s women’s lav when a woman took issue that she could smell my perfume….and I do use sparingly….under my clothes! Such a lecture!

    1. Hi Diane, The “oldies” of perfume scents never loose their lustre do they? I know that modern women may not wear a signature scent, however, I’m still old school and don’t switch up my perfumes often…rarely never, actually! I’m sorry you were subjected to a lecture in a public washroom…my mom encountered a similar experience in the elevator of her condominium and it bothered her for a long time. xox Judy❤️

  3. What a special treasure to bring home from your trip Judy. If we bowed to everyone else’s likes and dislikes, we would never be a peace or happy, we would have no diversity, and life would be truly boring. Sorry to be harsh, but what’s that that old expression, if you don’t like it, lump it?

  4. Please don’t apologize for talking about your London adventures Judy…I love hearing about each and every one! Your Miss Dior perfume bottle is gorgeous and what a beautiful personal touch to have the “J”, bee and heart charms pinned to that lovely bow….love that!!! What a beautiful momento to remind you of your trip and so glad you had your ”Mrs. Harris” moment….you deserve it🥰! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen, Isn’t it strange how the smallest of things in life bring the most joy? You are so thoughtful and generous I hope you have a “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” moment every day! xox Judy❤️

      1. My favourite “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” moments have always been visiting your (in-person and online) store and picking up my lovely bags of treats so beautifully and thoughtfully wrapped by you! Thank YOU for all those special Mrs. H moments Judy! Hugs, Karen xo🥰

  5. Hi Karen…the relationships CC on Whyte had with our customers was the most fulfilling part of our daily routine…thank you for always being the “sunshine” that kept us going. xox Judy❤️

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