The Peonies…






Over the past few years, I’ve added numerous peonies to the garden.  This summer, I had a sensational crop…I couldn’t keep up with the picking!  This little cherub was almost suffocated by the peonies!








I’m happy with the variety of colours and shapes, but I’m guessing I will add a few more next Spring!







These peonies are in my fridge, waiting for Thanksgiving!


xox Judy


12 thoughts on “The Peonies…”

    1. Hi Pat, hope you had a wonderful summer. The trick to making peonies last in the fridge is to cut them in the “marshmallow” stage…before the buds open but when they are getting a little softer. They have to be bone dry before you put them in a tightly sealed bag (I use ziplock bags). I keep mine in the vegetable drawer of our “beverage” fridge. If you see moisture collecting in the bag after they have been in the fridge bring them out and try to dry off the moisture with a paper towel and then just put them back in the fridge. Moisture will cause the blooms to go moldy. When you want to bring them out make a fresh cut on the stem. They will open in a couple of days. xox Judy❤️

  1. Oh my gosh Judy, you’re spoiling us with all your lovely blog posts this week🥰…thank you so much!! Your peonies are gorgeous! I planted 2 Sarah Bernhardt and 2 Dr. Alexander Fleming peonies this summer so I hope they end up looking as beautiful as yours. Next summer, I must pluck up the courage and try picking some and putting them in the fridge like you do. Your Thanksgiving table will look and smell absolutely amazing! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

  2. So enjoying your posts again – the little cherub looks very pleased nestled in the beautiful peonies!

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