The Bulbs…



Planting bulbs is probably my least favourite garden chore, but when they start poking their heads through the ground in spring, I’m reminded of why I planted so many the previous autumn!  It’s almost time to start the process all over again.




6 thoughts on “The Bulbs…”

  1. I don’t like planting bulbs either Judy but I must admit that the anticipation of seeing things pop up in the spring keeps me doing it, regardless of how successful I am. This year’s alliums and tulips barely broke ground😢. Your alliums and tulips were beautiful!! I especially love the purple alliums tucked in amongst your sea of lovely green boxwood! Absolutely stunning! Hugs, Karen xo🥰

    1. Hi Karen, It’s a good thing I order my bulbs in July…if I was ordering now I may rethink how many I ordered. This year I am also planting over 100 pink tulips in the rose garden hoping that the area won’t look so bare all Spring! I think all the rain and cooler temperatures this past Spring may be part of the reason the bulb crops weren’t as fabulous as we had hoped for. xox Judy❤️

  2. I learned a lesson about putting a marker in the ground where I plant my bulbs. I dug up all the Allium bulbs I planted last Fall, thinking they were Tulip bulbs that didn’t grow. Ahhh. The good thing is I have another opportunity to do it right this Fall.

    1. Hi Karen, that is so disappointing!!! Our bulbs should be arriving in the next couple of weeks and the backbreaking works begins again. I hope you have a fabulous crop of alliums next spring. xox Judy❤️

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