Playing in the dirt…


It may be snowing outside, but it looks like Spring in the greenhouse.  This past weekend I cleaned away the remainders of the online boutique, got the heater going, and brought the potting soil in from the garage to unthaw.  I  filled an oversized plastic bucket with water, and although it’s not pretty, it’s a convenient reservoir, so I’m not hauling water from the house.  The season has officially started…for me.

About a month ago, I took cuttings from two of my Spider houseplants.  I know they’re considered “pedestrian”, somewhat passé.  Still, I love the variegation in their leaves, and they are virtually indestructible…not to mention the health benefits they provide to air quality. I can visualize the Spider plants being the filler/spiller in my containers this summer.


I had the cuttings packed into a glass bowl placed in front of the window.  The roots began to sprout in no time…hopefully I haven’t waited too long to get them into potting soil.  There are over 50 cuttings!




Last weekend the Rose House opened at one of our local greenhouses.  I couldn’t resist going out on the first day (like all the keen rose enthusiasts) and found six tea roses I’d never planted before.  I also got two Eugenia topiaries for the urns at the front door.







For now, the plants are looking healthy, and I’m sure, grateful to be tucked inside where it’s warm!






What is it about playing in the dirt that makes us so happy?  Is it a memory from our past, or is it the overwhelming feeling of well being that is unexplainable?

xox Judy






P.S.  Not one to miss out on the fun, my furry companion, Charlie, loves being in the greenhouse too, especially burying her nose in a bag of dirt and looking for whatever mischief she can find!




6 thoughts on “Playing in the dirt…”

  1. That’s it! Now I’m truly convinced we were separated at birth Judy😂! I have always had people look at me strangely when I would stop and say “would you look at that gorgeous dirt?” I LOVE the smell and the look of good soil, even when there’s nothing growing in it🤣. I can’t explain it either but it’s just so therapeutic and makes me feel so good. Nothing feels as rewarding and productive as getting out in the garden and “working the soil”…even if it’s only to weed🥴😂. I love your topiaries and Charlie is looking as adorable as ever…I can’t imagine a better gardening companion🐶🥰. Hugs, Karen xo❤️

  2. HI Karen, I have a huge smile on my face reading your comment! It just shows that big girls can still have fun! Enjoy the coming days “playing in the dirt”. xox Judy❤️

  3. Charlie has gotten so big!! I can’t wait to make a my winter ideas come to light on the patio this Spring. I’m anxious to get some pots and beds to start digging in. Would love a little companion to dig with me! I would love to see it sometime this Spring, and have a visit with Charlie! Xox

    1. Hi Jamie, I’d love to see you patio garden this summer…I’m sure it will be fantastic. Charlie misses you and would love a visit…anytime! xox Judy❤️

  4. Charlie is adorable Judy. I see the blur of her tail waging – lol. Was out at Greenland for dinner with my husband tonight, and couldn’t resist a few plants. Now to keep them alive until planting time! I know planting is about a month off, but can’t wait to get my pots filled with fresh potting soil, and start planning what goes where.

    I think there’s something genetic about loving working the soil, planting, gardening, nurturing, and watching things grow and bloom? My Dad was an avid gardener. I think I inherited the gene. ???

  5. Hi Karen, I agree with that saying that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. My mom was a brilliant gardener and often when I’m in the garden pondering something I wonder, “what would mom do”? Good luck with your plants…hopefully we don’t have to wait a month to get our containers planted! xox Judy❤️

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