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My exterior front door and the back doors have been painted black for years. But, after walking Charlie last summer,  I started noticing the colourful front doors in the neighbourhood and thought it was time to make a change at my house too.

But what colour?  I didn’t want just any random colour, it had to make sense.  There was much to consider…the style and existing colour of my house and the landscaping.  Another thought… I wanted a welcoming entrance, but I didn’t necessarily want it to be the focal point.

I narrowed down my colour choices to either green or lavender.  Both would complement my house and landscaping, but what shade?  Seriously, I’ve never spent so much time pondering…anything!  After hours of going back and forth, I went with lavender.

I  painted the back doors first, and as you can see by the photo above, I tested multiple shades.  The colour of the lavender in this garden (photo below) is the shade I was aiming for, but it proved to be elusive (in the paint decks, anyway). Thanks to the help (and patience) of a paint consultant at my local Benjamin Moore store we settled on combining two of the sample colours.  I was beginning to question my ability to see colour!

After the doors were painted, I noticed a soapbox in my bathroom which is close to the colour I had been looking for all along.   CC on Whyte carried this Rancé brand of soap from France (now, when I can find it online, I buy a year’s supply)…Lavende is my favourite.  I have propped the box up against the painted doors to compare.

The big reveal!  I was lucky to have a few warm days last week to paint the back doors, and weather permitting, I will paint the front door the same colour soon.

Most paint companies chose green as their “colour of the year”, but Pantone picked “Very Peri” as their colour for 2022.  All agreed that the pandemic was a factor when making their decision.  I believe that subconsciously I too wanted to lighten up…


Colour and me…well, putting mildly, we are strangers! I’ve stepped (completely!) out of my comfort zone…I’m a black and white person with a bit of grey and gold thrown in to soften the edges.  This is probably why I’ve struggled to commit to a new colour.

For now, lavender will suit the spring/summer season, and hopefully, the doors can be styled for fall/winter in such a way that the colour doesn’t appear too cool…I will keep you posted!

xox Judy


10 thoughts on “The Doors…”

  1. Absolutely LOVE the lavender door, beautiful choice!! Hanging a lovely green wreaths or having planters will bring it into whatever season you want without changing the fabulous door.

    1. Hi Monique, Thank you for your encouragement…it makes me feel like I made the right choice! I wanted to put my planters in the photo but they were still frozen in the pea gravel at the back of the garden. I’m thinking of using lavender topiaries as the focal point when I plant them up. xox Judy❤️

  2. Beautiful choice Judy and it matches your Rancé soapbox perfectly…it was meant to be! Both the scent and colour of lavender is so therapeutic and calming, which is what your home should be…absolutely perfect decision! Enjoy your new entrance to your oasis. Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen, thank you for your vote of confidence! I’ve been painting the garden doors off my kitchen today…Charlie managed to get the paint rag and now has paint all over her face. It’s not feeling like an oasis today! xox Judy❤️

      1. Oh no, she’s such a little rascal🐶🥰😂….good thing she’s sooooooo adorable! Good luck with the rest of it Judy and soon you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour…and so will Charlie😂! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

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