When the living is easy…

Summertime” may seem like months away, but now is a good time to daydream about what could be…

Last summer, tucked in between covid lockdowns, we hosted an outdoor (36C!) “family get together” to celebrate all the special occasions that we missed because of the pandemic.

Although the immediate family had previously gathered for a graveside memorial ceremony for my mom, there wasn’t the “normal” opportunity to grieve the passing of our matriarch.  Along with this sadness, there has been good news…a wedding and the announcement of two new additions to the family.  These occasions had slipped by without the usual fanfare…a funeral, a wedding, and the anticipation of 2 babies…the full circle of life.

This is an odd lead into a post about outdoor living…but it’s what had me thinking about making some changes.


Last summer was sweltering, and along with that heat came the giant, pesky wasps making outdoor entertaining and dining unpleasant.  With our summer season being relatively short, optimizing the most of these dog days is my new plan.

These photos show my patio set for two, as well as, for a crowd.

What I’ve been mulling over is finding a spot to enjoy the garden with some reprieve from the sun, the rain and the pests.



When I’m contemplating a new project, Pinterest is my first source for inspiration.  The images (below) caught my attention.

Originally I thought about adding a sunroom onto the back of the house, but I’ve been leaning towards having a covered screened area instead.  I like the architecture of a more substantial room, but realistically we probably wouldn’t really use a three-season room considering there would be no access from the inside of the house.

I keep telling myself “that this year I’m actually going to enjoy the garden, sit back and relax“, which is a joke because there never seems to be enough time to get the work done in the garden.  I would, however, look forward to sitting in a screened room, away from mosquitos and wasps, enjoying a cold glass of Chardonnay at the end of the day.

The past couple of years has changed our social lives immeasurably, to put it mildly!  We, probably like you too, are spending more time at home and with that reality, I think it’s time to make the most of a lifestyle that may become the “norm”.

I’m just at the “pondering” stage, but also open to moving on to making this a priority for the coming season.  It will probably require a permit from the city so plans will have to be drawn up and a frustrating visit down to City Hall.

What is keeping you occupied?

xox Judy




























5 thoughts on “When the living is easy…”

  1. The three season rooms are beautiful. Every summer I ponder building a pergola, or a roof over my deck. It faces south west, where it is too hot to sit in the afternoons. But, if we put up a pergola or roof we will lose natural light and the view from my family room window and kitchen doors. I’m not willing to sacrifice the sun light or the view of the back yard. So, after 28 years of contemplating what to do. lol.
    For the wasps, we put up a couple of the fake wasp nests around the yard. I think they help. This year I am also going to try hiding little dishes of pop or wine (which they seem to want me to share) around the yard to attract them away from where we are sitting.

    I think your yard is beautiful as it is. Have you considered changing some or all of the windows/doors on your green house so you can interchange them with screens in the summer? It is such a beautiful place to sit and relax.

    I have started some new jewelry creations using recycled fabrics, ribbon, beads and jewels. So this has been keeping me busy.

  2. Hi Karen, I agree there is lots to consider when adding a new structure in your garden. Where I am thinking of putting a screened room there would be no obstructed views or loss of sunlight into the house. I do have screens on the greenhouse windows and yes it is lovely sitting in there on a summer or fall evening. It sounds like you have a beautiful project to work on. Enjoy xox Judy❤️

  3. I’m convinced we were separated at birth Judy because I have two of your Pinterest images in my “ideas file” on my laptop😂 plus I’ve also toyed with the idea of having a screened-in area built on to the kitchen entry which leads on to the deck but was worried about blocking the sunlight. After 20 years, we took the plunge last summer and had a pergola built which is only steps away from our deck and this is now our at-home oasis! Keeping me busy right now is deciding on ways to “Frenchify” it and the surrounding garden with the beautiful finials and garden decor that I bought on your online boutique and, as soon as it’s warm enough (fingers crossed for an early summer), buy as many pots of lavender that I can find! Mosquitoes hate lavender but, since wasps like it, I’ll plant marigolds in with the veggies and have pots of geraniums around as well since wasps apparently don’t like either of them….I’ll let you know how it works! I also hang the fake wasp nests around the deck area etc. and I think it does help. Your garden and greenhouse are so gorgeous Judy and are, in my mind, already the perfect oasis! Hugs, xo❤️

  4. HI Karen, I have always said I was the black sheep in my family so it’s possible I was switched at birth, however, we would have to be twins that are 20 years apart in age! It sounds like your back garden oasis is perfect and you are well on your way to making it even more spectacular. Because it was so hot last summer, mosquitos weren’t a problem so i’m not sure if my lavender hedge will make a difference. Your geranium suggestion is a good one to remember for the wasps and can easily be incorporated them into my containers. Thank you, xox Judy ❤️

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