Decorating trends for 2022…

By now most of us have the Christmas tree down and all remaining holiday decor packed away for another year.  If you are like me, this is a welcome chore and I always look forward to having a clean slate again.

It seems like when the garden is put to bed for the winter (around the end of October), it’s time to get ready for the holidays and a lot of energy goes into dressing up the house for the season.  It’s only in January that we have a chance to reassess what we have and what we want for our homes in the coming year.

It’s always fun to see what professionals deem to be the trends in home decor for the coming year.  Obviously, we can’t/don’t completely redecorate our homes annually just to follow what’s new, but like updating up your wardrobe, adding something fresh and new prevents our homes from becoming stale and dated.

Below are some of the trends that I am planning to incorporate into my home.

This is the colour palette (left) that Benjamin Moore has predicted to be on-trend for 2022.  Green is the colour most paint companies agree on as central to their colour theme based on current events, fashion, pop culture, entertainment etc.  These earthy tones connect us to nature.

Paint professionals are banking on consumers looking for calming, tranquil environments, especially after two years of living through a pandemic.  Green is nature’s neutral, representing life, wellness and sustainability.  It’s not too warm or too cool.


None of these Benjamin Moore paint colours are new to their collection. They are just shown with new pairings.  One of the greens is Fernwood.  This is the paint colour I used on the door to the greenhouse (in 2016).  The photo from Pinterest on the right is a better photo showing what this colour looks like.



If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may remember my post about front door colours and that I was contemplating painting my front door which has been black for many years.  I’m now committed to making that change, but haven’t decided if it will be green or lavender (another on-trend colour)… and what shade it will be.


The reason lavender is a possibility is that I want the door colour to compliment my front garden.  I have lilac bushes, lavender/purple coloured alliums and often use lavender, purple and white annuals in pots in front as well.  Again, would the shade be light or darker…

A green door would definitely blend in seamlessly with the front garden too.

Another trend is marble.  Last summer I replaced my existing countertops with honed Carerra marble, and although most suppliers try to discourage their clients from using marble, I’ve been so happy with my choice.

Rounded edges also made the list.  I’ve been working on another project for my kitchen (surprisingly because the kitchen is not my favourite room!)  It will also include another trend, velvet.  Once this is completed, I will share what I’m doing.

Although indoor plants are present in most homes, this trend goes along with the green theme, the environment and sustainability.

Houseplants, along with improving indoor air quality, have a positive effect on mental health and help to reduce stress.  For all of you who love gardening, this will come as no surprise to you.  Especially at this time of the year, seeing and caring for plants adds so much to our quality of life.




When I had my store, I loved the invitations I had to visit the homes of my customers.  It was so interesting to see how they incorporated the items they purchased from CC into their own space and to see how it was a reflection of who they were.


My home is certainly not about trends and is definitely not about the latest or greatest.  Because we’ve had dogs for many years and grandchildren who are the most important people to visit, decorating considerations have been made for accidents and mishaps that are bound to happen.  Comfort and convenience are essential, as well as a collection of my favourite things…hopefully, all of these decorating decisions are telling my story.

Do you have plans to change things up in your home this year?

xox Judy


























14 thoughts on “Decorating trends for 2022…”

  1. I haven’t taken the tree down, or put away any decorations yet. I need the cheerful colors for as long as possible, at least until after my birthday, but all will be put away before February 1st to avoid any bad luck that comes with leaving any Christmas decor up after that date. I love that shade “Fernwood” and may get some to go on an outdoor project that I hope to complete this winter. No plans to change anything indoors. Guess I’m just happy with the status quo within….

    1. Hi Carolee, Happy Birthday! I’m sure you will be happy the BM Fernwood. It will be complimentary to any area in an outdoor space. Enjoy your Christmas environment to the fullest! xox Judy

  2. Lovely post as always Judy. I painted my front door green a few years ago and have really enjoyed it. But last summer I started thinking it was time for a change. Lavender would be really beautiful with the greenery in your front yard.
    I love velvet, so I am very curious to know what your plans are for your kitchen.

  3. I have always had a penchant for a red door – so maybe. Though I do love that Kelly green in the picture.
    I do like the color trend palette you posted, but I want something more vibrant for a front door. Something that really pops.

  4. Beautiful post as usual Judy….totally brightened up my day🥰!! I love the Fernwood green colour on your greenhouse Judy. It really sets the tone of a tranquil escape that your greenhouse provides. I also love the green colour on the door with the round-edged white border and columns. There’s something so cheerful and soothing yet energetic about that colour which would be nice for the front door of a house. Whatever colour you choose, I’m sure your house will look gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what you decide on and the finished results!!

    1. Hi Karen….green seems to be everyone’s choice for the new door colour! I, however, haven’t given up on the idea of lavender…maybe I’ll paint the front door green and the back garden doors lavender….hmmmmmm. What colour is your door?

  5. Back again Judy🤣…just wanted to add thanks so much again on your previous posts about amaryllis! I couldn’t find paper whites this year so, being inspired by your previous beautiful photos, I took the plunge and enjoyed most of November through to this week with the most beautiful white amaryllis blooms! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

  6. Hi again, I so happy your amaryllis bloomed for so long. Mine got so big and heavy, it toppled over and one stem broke. I did cut the flower off and it looked quite lovely in a vase for some time. xox Judy❤️

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