“The Countdown to Christmas”…

Like over 80 million other viewers, I have been watching the Hallmark Christmas movies since the end of October.  On weekdays, movies from past years are replayed and on Saturday and Sunday, the new releases are aired  If you are having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, set aside a couple of hours to get completely immersed in gingerbread cookies and eggnog!

Every Hallmark Christmas movie has the same plot.  City girl goes back to her (small) hometown to visit family over the holidays, meets a boy (often a handsome old flame), sparks fly, then comes some conflict, and always ends with a “happily ever after”.  Does that formula ever get old?

Have you watched more TV in the past two years than at any time in your life?  I know I have. Much of that time has been during some stage of lockdown or restriction, making socializing with friends and family impossible at times.  My remote control has offered a much-needed escape from reality…the batteries changed more than once!

As you know, not all network TV, cable news, or streaming services are created for easy viewing.  The breaking news is not usually great, and violence and greed are often at the heart of the storylines in mainstream programming.  Even in the latest take on “Sex and the City”, (And Just Like That), Big dies…why!!!

The Hallmark Christmas movies take us away to quaint small towns where everyone cares of one another, twinkling lights, and freshly fallen snow.  What better way to countdown to Christmas!

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6 thoughts on ““The Countdown to Christmas”…”

  1. I love Hallmark Christmas movies. I usually find one looking for something to watch…even if it has already started, I can fill in the blanks. Who doesn’t love a little Decorated for Christmas romance!

  2. LOL. Couldn’t agree more. They are so predictable, even the Christmas decor, but at least there’s no violence, cruelty, Covid . . . I quit “news” stations cold turkey about two months ago, and feel so much better!
    Merry Christmas to you Judy, and thank you for writing your blog.

    1. HI Karen, My New Year’s resolution should be quitting cable news too but I’m afraid I’m completely addicted! Good for you! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas too. xox Judy❤️

  3. Do I love these movies…..YES, guilty as charged😂! Saturday Night Live did a spoof (It’s on YouTube) on these movies and it’s so funny because they mentioned how so many of these movies used the same gazebo in the same town square (and quite often the same actors) in umpteen different movies. I don’t care if it is true because I love the way everyone in the small town (with those beautiful little boutiques, coffee shops and bakeries) treats everyone with kindness and respect. If they were offered in July I’m sure I would still be watching them…seriously! I can’t think of a better escape from “the real world”. I will continue to watch and enjoy them and think of you when I do! Have a wonderful and safe Christmas holiday Judy and hope you find plenty of time to cuddle up to Charlie and enjoy some more Hallmark Christmas movies! Hugs, Karen xo🥰

    1. Hi Karen, I’m so sorry I missed the SNL spoof…I will definitely check it out on YouTube! You are in luck, though. I’m pretty sure there is a Christmas in July Hallmark series. I know the last thing we are thinking about after a day in the garden is Christmas, but sometimes when the thermometer registers up in the 30’s, watching snow fall is enough to cool us off! I wish you the best Christmas with your family and Cooper too. Charlie curls up in front of the fire and seems to enjoy the Hallmark Christmas movies too! xox Judy❤️

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