Entertaining at Christmas…

Don’t we all wish we were as relaxed about entertaining as Ina Garten…not to mention being a whizz in the kitchen like her?  I have most of Ina Garten’s cookbooks, and her recipes and philosophy about cooking and entertaining are simple but elegant. In addition, she has a fantastic kitchen garden that provides all the fresh herbs and a beautiful cutting garden for the flowers that often grace her dining room table.  The bottom line is the confidence in her ability to serve up a delightful dinner for friends and family with little effort.  I, unfortunately, do not have faith in my ability to carry off a dinner party without an enormous amount of stress…and no amount of wine beforehand helps!

Julia Child was another cuisine goddess who had fun in the kitchen.  Rarely did she get flustered when things weren’t going as planned.  She just switched gears. On the other hand, I usually start preparing the day before a dinner party just in case I have a disaster and have to start all over again.

Although the kitchen and I are strangers, I have a great relationship with my dining room.  I’m back in my comfort zone.   I love planning the decorating scheme for a special occasion…what dishes to use, what flowers, coordinating linens, candles/candle holders and the music.  It’s important that everyone is comfortable and that  they want to linger long after the dinner is over. Those are the magic hours.

Like the photos below, Pinterest has no shortage of Tablescape ideas.


Every year I like to do something different for the Christmas table.   Until last year, the family was always home for the holidays, and it’s important that they know how special they are to me.  Last year was pretty grim, with just my husband and I trying to figure out how to zoom the family during dinner, hoping that it would feel like we were all together.   (I’m sure many of you were doing the same).

Below are photos of my Christmas table centrepieces over the past couple of years.  A minimalist, I’m not!




Christmas 2017





Christmas 2018

Christmas 2019

This weekend we’ll be having a small family dinner party.  The table decorating has begun!


This year I decided on a more traditional colour scheme of gold and red.  I challenged myself to use only items that are available on the Apres CC on Whyte Online Boutique…other than the fresh greens and roses.

xox Judy


























6 thoughts on “Entertaining at Christmas…”

  1. Judy, all your decor is amazing, and you certainly have the gift for creating gorgeous table scapes. It’s one thing to gather up all the beautiful pieces, it’s another to know how to put it together so beautifully. I’m in awe.
    Totally agree with the, “a little tipsy,” for both myself and guests.

  2. Judy, you are truly the “hostess with the mostess”….those are absolutely stunning table settings!!!! I love to decorate my table at Christmas and, even though it will just be the four of us again this year, I like to try and make it look special….although it’s nowhere near as beautiful as yours! Maybe I’ll get them tipsy and they won’t notice if it doesn’t turn out🤣! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen…I have no doubt that your Christmas table looks amazing and I’m sure the special guys in your life love that you make the dinner even more special served on a beautiful table. Lots of wine and candlelight only enhances the experience! xox Judy❤️

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